Tuesday 18 December 2018

Product Positioning Strategy

Product Positioning Strategy
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Your product positioning strategy is one of the most important marketing initiatives you will grapple with when introducing or re-branding goods and services. In a nutshell, product positioning refers to the inherent qualities that distinguish the item you're selling from comparable items market by your competitors.

Product positioning is very in touch with market segmentation because such product placement is intend serve a specific target market. Therefore, understanding product positioning strategy as a strategy use to embed an image in the minds of consumers of the product so that the product looks stand out in comparison with competitors ' products.

The main focus is how so consumers have the perception of the same is expect of manufacturers on the products offer. Describes some of the ways product positioning can do marketers in marketing products to consumers that are intend, among other things:

Positioning according to:

Attribute occurs when a firm position with a distinctly superior product attributes compare to its competitors, such as size, long its existence, and so on. For example, Disneyland can advertise din as the largest amusement park in the world.

The benefits

In this sense the product is position as a leader in a particular benefit. For example, the positioning ourselves as an amusement park for people. Who are looking for a fantasy experience, like living in the Old West cowboy golden hour.

User application

Positioning according to the use or application of a set of values of use or implementation of this is what is use as the element popularize compare its competitors, for example: Japanese Deer Park position themselves for travelers who just want to gain a short entertainment.

To the wearers

This means positioning the product as best for a number of user groups. In other words, target market more aim at a community or more, either in a narrow sense or in a broader sense. For example, Magic Mountain can advertise yourself as an amusement park for ' challenge ' search.

The competitor's

overall product Here accentuate its brand name as a whole and the put down better than the competitors. For example: Lion Country Safari me milk can advertise more kinds of animals when compare with Japanese Deer Park.

Product category

Here the product is position as a leader in a category of products. For example: Marine land of the Pacific can position themselves not as ' theme park ' but as ' institutions '.

Determination of the position

To determination of the position of the price or the quality of the product. Here is position as offering the best value. For example, Busch Gardens can position the din as the best value for the price. Compare to the determination of the position of such a high quality/high price or cheapest price.

Positioning is what the customer believes about your product's value, features, and benefits;

It is a comparison to the other available alternatives offer by the competition. These beliefs tend to base on customer experiences and evidence, rather than awareness created by advertising or promotion.

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