Saturday 19 August 2023

Managing Project Teams

Project Teams

As a project manager, many people are faced with the problem of how to lead their own team, and I write out some of my own practices and discuss them together.

1: Familiarize yourself with the process

Before this, the personnel are generally applied by you or assigned by the superior, then you must have understood which department he came from, the first time you meet, you need to get acquainted, this familiar process is a process of mutual understanding, you as a project manager to understand everyone's temperament, expertise and working style, and also pay attention to whether there is a personality conflict between everyone, to prevent problems before they happen.

After the personnel are determined and familiarized, as the project manager you have to tell you to work in this project team from now on, I hope everyone can work together, cooperate sincerely, everyone must maintain a united mentality, to let everyone understand that the success or failure of the project is related to everyone, the responsibility is everyone's, the honor is also everyone's, so appropriate agitation is still needed.

2: The issues discussed by the project.

After everyone is familiar with each other, you need to take out the content of the project to discuss, including the background of the project, goals, difficulty, currently available resources, etc., require everyone to speak, according to everyone's experience and different views of the project analysis, to let everyone have a more comprehensive understanding of the project, and not directly to the third step of work assignment. 

The general project manager is prone to make mistakes here, according to their own understanding of the project situation to the project members to arrange work, And it is required that his understanding of the work is consistent with your understanding of the work, but this is unrealistic, because the understanding of eye-catching information between the project team members and you is asymmetric. 

So only the clearer the project team members understand the project, the more they can look at their work comprehensively, see the impact of their work on upstream and downstream, and better deal with their work tasks.

3: The problem of work and responsibility allocation

After the basic situation and meaning of the project are clarified, it is necessary to decompose and assign the project work assignment, as well as the problem of responsibility allocation, which will be described in detail in future articles. This step should be distributed according to the expertise of each person learned earlier and the situation of the project work itself, try to be able to allocate according to your ability, and it is best not to have objections, if there is any, you should say it in advance.

4: Determination of communication methods and conflict handling methods

Before the project officially starts to be implemented, the way of communication and the way of conflict handling need to be stipulated, and if it is finalized is the charter of the team, everyone must implement this in accordance with this.

Because if the project cycle is relatively long, and the personnel are temporarily transferred, in this process, there may be conflicts between members due to unsmooth work or personality conflicts or other reasons, so some handling methods should be prescribed in advance according to different problems and treated separately.

For work issues to discuss openly, do not express dissatisfaction in private, even if there is dissatisfaction, do not suppress, because although you are very angry, but others do not know why, you can only sulk yourself, this work state is very bad, as a project manager you have to grasp these mentalities in time.

For private problems can be handled in a relatively implicit way such as email, I ask everyone in the process of work if you find that you are very dissatisfied with whom, when you want to quarrel, write an email, vent all the dissatisfaction, and then send it to yourself, look at it the next day, if you feel that you don't need to modify it, continue to send it to the other party, and the result is that there are not many really sent to the other party the next day, so angry decisions are generally wrong, and you should avoid making incorrect decisions when you are angry.

5: Work inspection and assessment incentives

As a project manager, you should have the right to personnel and bonus distribution, if not, you should not do it, only with these two rights, you can evaluate and motivate everyone righteously.

First look at the work inspection, after the work task assignment, you as the project manager to be responsible for the work of the project, you have to check and assess everyone's work, the results should be notified to everyone in time, maybe everyone does the project in different ways, but progress reports, problem summary, meeting minutes, memoranda, requirements changes, acceptance reports, etc. are still necessary. 

These documents need to be sorted out and checked in time, the checkpoints should be meticulous, not too rough, if you go to the project team members like this:' How's the work', you're not a qualified project manager because they can answer 'yes', what's the point of air-to-air? 

Therefore, the inspection must be meticulous, and after the inspection, the problems that arise should be dealt with in time, and the handling opinions should be fed back to the relevant parties.

Look at the incentive, there are many ways to motivate, bonus is on the one hand, in addition to timely results to notify the individual is also a way, and the assessment results are of course better notified to the head of the corresponding department, which is also a good way to motivate.


There is also the possibility of motivation in entertainment, and you can choose an activity that they are best at and invite them to participate, which can help improve the fatigue in the process of doing the project and give them motivation. 


As a part of myself, I am more interested in billiards, so I often invite everyone to play together during the project, and the cost is not necessarily out of the project manager, and if they can beat you, it is a happy thing for them.

6: The question of how to evaluate after the project is completed

For this problem, many project managers have not done it, the project is done, everyone is scattered, and there is not even time to say goodbye, let alone evaluate them, but this evaluation must be done, not only responsible for them, but also responsible for the company, but also responsible for yourself. 


Through the assessment of their work, give the correct evaluation, for the work of some suggestions can be sent to me, for the written evaluation to the corresponding department head, at the same time for their own project team members to have a clear evaluation, because maybe when to work together.

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