Saturday 26 August 2023

How to be a good project manager



For everyone's industry, they will think that the industry they are in at this stage needs to learn too much, but there is more to innovate, just like the network, computers, software in modern society, and these are related to us collectively called "IT." 


They need to learn and innovate faster because the metabolism of new players in this industry is too fast, and I am a part of it, but there is a common saying in these industries: "Think about being a good person before doing everything", and a software project manager is no exception.


The success of a project is 1% attributed to the project team, and the failure is 2% responsible for the project manager, and the responsibility for possible failure is attributed to one person who is too large, but in fact, it is not, such as: 


The failure of the project may come from some external factors, which means that the project manager is not thorough enough in the risk assessment of the project; 


The loss caused by the delay or inability of the project due to the transfer or turnover of key personnel in the project indicates that the human resource reserve is limited, and more importantly, whether the project manager has considered how to make the project complete on schedule by a certain or many personnel in the team during the project; 


After most of the functions of the project are completed, the customer's initial inspection is required, and a lot of functional improvement and increase are required, which may not be avoidable, but some of the more absurd is that the customer may say to you after reading it: 


"This is different from what I want" At this time, you can only have the right to do one thing, that is, to faint to your heart's content! 

Because some project managers have not said a word to the customer or even worse, have not met once, the initial determination and demand of the project directly from the business personnel, most of our customers do not know how to show the real object in the way of the program to achieve, so the project manager at least to drink an afternoon tea to tell our customers: 


He must be allowed to answer.

The above is summarized in three points of project success or failure: 

  1. Whether the project manager's risk assessment of the project is thorough;
  2. Whether the project manager can try his best to save the progress of the project and complete the task on time in the absence of team personnel.
  3. Whether the project manager has a more in-depth conversation with the customer, the project manager must consider whether he really solves the actual problem for the customer. Be a good project manager (start with yourself):

First: pre-project resource integration: 


Try to provide a good environment for project development, a comfortable workspace, and the working tools that the project is expected to need (try to provide the best), just like a developer has a good machine, you think about how energetic he is! There are also all the human resources that need to be used to convene this project.

Second: Aptitude test; 


For the characteristics of the software industry is very mobile, it is not excluded that there are unfamiliar faces in your project team, or it may be the personnel transferred by other project teams, or the developers of other cooperative companies, at this time you may need the ability test link, the test is not to question the ability of the team members, but to test whether to put a certain team member in a certain position, or play what role in project development is more appropriate. 


There are many ways to do this kind of test, it can be to do some games or let your team complete something unrelated to the project, to observe the characteristics and habits of each person in the team, and then do a specific test for each technical link in the project, in order to better skip the technical traps, the test method can be customized, but for the team members cannot let them feel that this is a test, so that you can let each team member in their own suitable position to develop their maximum potential!

Third:  Personal execution; 


How to make yourself have a good execution, first of all, to correct the views of all project managers (you are not only the leader of the project but also an ordinary member of the team), please copy your enthusiasm and respect for your superiors, company leaders to your team members, modern society pays attention to humanities and personal charm, the previous imperative approach has not worked, a good leader focuses on affinity. 


To make your team members feel that "you need their help to do this project well!"

Fourth: Team spirit and morale; 


If in a project you feel that you are playing the role of a messenger and everything that can be solved between team members needs to pass through your "server", it means that there is a problem with the "nervous system" in your team. 


The emotions of the personnel are ever-changing, and the team members have encountered difficulties in life or work, then the project manager needs to have a quick insight to "find it and solve it", how to make a team have a better mobility and stronger motivation. 


Personally, I think the easiest and fastest way is to take your team to "happy" with the event funds in the project! (For team members, the number of contacts with each other in an activity is greater than the number of contact in one month of working time.)) 


It's best to have an event plan and content (preferably something that everyone will enjoy) and strictly rule that you can't be absent. This article is transferred from the Alliance of Project Managers.

Fifth: The importance of assigning tasks; 


The mistake that all project managers will make when assigning tasks, that is, emphasizing the importance of a team member's task in front of the whole team at the meeting, you increase the enthusiasm of one team member but reduce the morale of other team members. 


When assigning tasks to individuals, you should also pay attention to whether this task is assigned to a person whether there is a better candidate, do not subjectively think that a team member is not too tight and assign to him, which will bring incalculable consequences, for the project itself, How complex and simple the task assignment to individuals cannot be measured by the sky, but how to balance the hearts of each team member may require a good assessment method and project bonus distribution system, preferably open and transparent. 


In general, it is difficult to be a good project manager, and it requires continuous effort, thinking and improvement!

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