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How to establish a team in Project Management?

Project Team


Team building is an important part of human resources management in project management. An efficient team, a learning team with a strong spirit of collaboration and self-drive It plays a crucial role in the success or failure of the project. 


Due to the refinement of roles and division of labor, it is simply impossible to complete the goals and tasks of the project by relying on individual skills and strength, which requires a strong sense of responsibility of the team, division of labor, cooperation, and initiative Communicate to achieve the goals of the project together. 

In the first stage, we often encounter problems such as:

  1. Project members feel that they are repetitive every day, and it is difficult for them to improve.
  2. Project members feel that there is nothing to learn and are not clear about their future direction.
  3. Project members do not feel that they play an important role in the project.
  4. Poor cooperation among members, suspicion between each other, and inability to trust each other.
  5. Project members believe that the project is a project manager project, and the success or failure of the project has nothing to do with themselves.
  6. Project members have opinions and ideas and are unwilling to communicate with the project manager. Over time, there is a disagreement.
  7. The project members do not have a strong sense of responsibility, and the quality of the output artifacts in their own stage cannot be guaranteed, resulting in a large number of modifications and maintenance in the later stage.
  8. The enthusiasm and enthusiasm of the project members are not high, and they are not willing to work overtime to complete important urgent tasks.
  9. The project manager does not take the initiative to communicate with members to understand the real thoughts of project members.
  10. Project manager is completely focused on the work task and does not give much consideration to the development of individual project members.

Similar problems reflected in the project team should be found by the project manager himself, there are no bad project members, only incompetent project managers. Therefore, project managers should first recognize that they are in Deficiencies in project management and daily coordination, find more reasons from themselves, and communicate with project members. 


Through the in-project team the building of culture sets common goals for project members. And through praise, empowerment, personal planning and other ways to stimulate the enthusiasm of project members. 

Specifically, let's talk about the following from the following aspects:

A. Team culture building in the project.
B. How to stimulate the enthusiasm and enthusiasm of project members.
C. Project Manager Self-considerations

Strengthen the team culture in the project.

In today's IT project management, we emphasize the team culture mainly in terms of responsibility, collaboration spirit, service awareness, etc. Responsibility is teamwork. The most basic element of culture, the first of the seven habits of highly effective people, is proactive and also emphasizes responsibility. 

Only when everyone in the team has this sense of responsibility and can work proactively can they talk about follow-up communication and collaborate with each other to achieve the goals set by the team. In IT The most important sense of responsibility.


I emphasize in the project is that project members should do a good job in their own roles and strive to output high-quality artifacts for downstream roles. 


Many times, the design in the project is too rough, difficult to code or code output BUG, many problems are actually not the level of project members, more because the sense of responsibility is not strong.

The spirit of collaboration is very important in the current project, IT knowledge is vast, a person's limited energy cannot be fully mastered, so we need the role and division of labor in our current project. This determines that we need the requirements, design, development, and testers in our project to complete even a simple project task. 


The spirit of collaboration is rooted in the mutual respect emphasized by the corporate culture, and each member of the project should respect and recognize the role played by other members and learn from the strengths of others.

Spirit of collaboration

If there is no good spirit of collaboration among project members, take the initiative Communication to solve problems, then the quality of the project cannot be strongly guaranteed. 

Even the best project member who does not have a sense of teamwork and is unwilling to collaborate with others is not suitable for staying in the project, because this may contribute to the whole project team of this atmosphere. 

Here, I think a consciousness that project members need to establish is: 

  • No one is perfect, you help others well today, and tomorrow you can get more help from others.
  • Project members should be fully trusted and fully respected under the premise of respect Communication to jointly achieve the team task, each member should realize that the interests of the team are always higher than the interests of the individual, only when the team progresses and develops, the individual can make better progress and development. 

One IT The project should serve the internal customers of the company's users well, and in more detail, it should be within the project, and our upstream role should serve the internal customer of the downstream role. 

Each member of the project needs to establish a good sense of service, because only when we serve others well, can we truly experience the improvement of our own knowledge and skills, and appreciate the convenience and fulfillment brought by this kind of work to others.

Team culture building

In actual project management, the methods I take to strengthen team culture building mainly include:


  1. Conduct training on team culture building and communication within the project team and combine practical examples of the project to strengthen the project members' understanding of the team.
  2. The project manager should communicate individually with the project team members on a regular basis, understand some real ideas of project members on their own work and personal career development, project development and personal development is an organic whole, the two promote each other, and it is necessary to let project members feel the improvement of personal skills and personal achievement in the process of doing the project.
  3. The project team should regularly organize relevant gatherings and activities to strengthen mutual relations among project members Communication and understanding, active project atmosphere, because this relaxed and active atmosphere can be transmitted to daily intense work tasks, so that project members can feel more fun of work Motivate each project member to work enthusiastically.
  4. The content in the first point is more principled, which should be clear to everyone, but often it is difficult to achieve. 

Because one of the main problems to be solved is how to keep the whole team Mental state and vitality, how to stimulate the work enthusiasm and enthusiasm of each member of the project. I will also just talk about this from some practical examples in project management.

Personal skill improvement:

In the process of project operation, each project member should feel that their own skills have improved, but only if the project members have this desire to improve skills and enthusiasm for learning. 


If project members are repetitively doing work over a long period of time, it is difficult to maintain their motivation and enthusiasm. In the process of the project, each project member should be given the opportunity to undertake the challenging work of the project, and the ability of the project members should be fully trusted, so that the project members can experience the sense of achievement and personal improvement after completing these challenges. 


In a project, because the relevant platforms contributinglogies used in the project have been determined, excellent project members should stimulate their enthusiasm for exploring new knowledge and technologies and contribute to the technical planning in the later stage of the project and the company's platform construction.

Praise and encouragement: 

Project manager Praising and encouraging project members from time to time in various ways is the greatest affirmation of the work completed by project members, and it is also a good incentive for project members. 


The main ways of praise we often use in projects are: 

  • Through various communication such as email or telephone Individual praise, affirmation and encouragement of members;
  • Praise outstanding personnel in the project through the regular project meeting; Engage the entire team through project gatherings and events. 

Congratulations and encouragement for the job accomplished. Praise and criticism are not contradictory, and criticism should be given for consecutive mistakes made by project members, but individual communication can generally be used or by email, the entire project team should also regularly carry out some self-criticism of project members, so that project members feel their own shortcomings and areas for improvement.

Willing to accept the opinions of project members:

  1. Project managers in project management are more of a coordinator, project managers have limited time, it is difficult to be a technical and business expert, so project managers.
  2. In the process of project management, you should learn to listen and be willing to accept good suggestions from project members. A project is not a project manager of one person's project, a project is an entire team Collectively, every project member should have this mentality, have the courage to put forward their own good ideas and opinions, and assist the project and team to continuously improve in all aspects.
  3. Pay attention to the career development of each project member: The project should also pay attention to the career development and career planning of each project member. Regarding the professional development of the project members themselves, project managers Some suggestions can be given, but more importantly, the ideas of the project members should be respected, and some realistic learning and growth paths should be developed for the project members.
  4. The best situation is to be able to organically combine the work tasks of project members with their own professional growth, so that each project member has a good vision to achieve their own goals. Being a project manager should have the details yourself.
  5. The third aspect is to talk about some of my own experience as a project manager, project manager in the usual project team.

In what aspects should the construction itself continue to improve. Some of the things we'll talk about here may not have been done on our own, but these should be the things we should focus on building a high-performing team, and we project managers Strive to achieve some personal improvement goals.

Courage to take responsibility: 

A project has no bad project members, only bad project managers, project managers It is necessary to find the reasons from your own perspective and analyze the problem. Because the root cause of many problems is indeed that our project managers do not do a good job in some aspect, resulting in our project members not being able to do their work well. But here it is emphasized.


Project managers should not blindly take responsibility without follow-up analysis and improvement, this time the problem project manager after assuming responsibility, should do a comprehensive and detailed analysis of the problem, or formulate relevant specifications, or face to face with the project members.

Communication to ensure that similar problems do not occur again.

Proactive communication:

The project manager is more of a coordinator in the project, so it is more necessary to communicate with the project members on a regular basis to see what each project member really thinks to improve their work. 


Each role in the project is equally important to the project, so each position in the project, including the project manager, has no primary or secondary or leadership relationship, the project manager. 

Only by recognizing this can we communicate with the project members heart-to-heart, and the project members will also use the project manager as friends and say some of their true thoughts.

Respect for individuality:

each project member has some different working methods and working skills from others, as long as these personalities do not violate the company's regulations, the center's regulations and SQA's inspection specifications during the actual operation of the project. 


The Project managers should respect this individuality as much as possible. When we don't reach our software factory goals, we software development is an art, a team.


The art that every project member needs to think about, project members can give full play to their talents and use the most efficient working mode for themselves to complete project-related tasks when they meet the norms.

Project Empowerment:

Delegation benefits both project managers Reducing self-work stress and workload can give project members more opportunities to take on challenging work and management work.
In our current IT project management Tasks such as peer review, baseline applications, estimates, and ongoing data collection can be delegated to project members. 


But project authorization is not the same as a complete waiver, project manager Mandated tasks should be checked and reviewed from time to time, and deviations should be corrected in a timely manner.
Setting an example for project members: 


In a project or team, the role model of a project manager is critical to the impact of project members. project manager Failure to lead well will give project members more excuses, and it is difficult for project members to form a proactive work attitude. It's like project managers often don't respect IT.

It is not persuasive to say that project members are often required to comply with the norms at regular project meetings. The members of the team are basically with the project, the project manager.

Every move and habit will leave a deep impression on the project members, and eventually subtly affect the individual behavior of each project member. So that's for us project managers.

Put forward higher requirements, always pay attention to your own words and deeds, and set a good example for project members.

Like the book Seven Habits of Highly Effective People. Team Building a focus or a few habits is simple to say, but it's difficult to actually do it. In our lives and work. There are no shortcuts to reaching or achieving goals, only by all of us one step at a time. Hope that through the joint efforts of everyone, make our project Team Become a high-performing learning team.

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