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Relevance in the project work

The relevance of the research topic characterizes its relevance and importance for solving a certain problem (task, question) that arose before the author of the work.

The relevance of the study is a description of the main problem that the researcher will solve in this project and which he posed even before the start of work on the project.

The plan for writing the relevance of the project may be as follows:

1. Brief description of the circumstances that prompted the writing of the project
2. Detailed description of the problem raised (solved) in the project, designation of the need and significance of its solution for yourself and for others
3. Description of what will happen if this problem is not resolved

How to formulate a problem

A problem is a kind of contradictory situation that has arisen as a result of work, which has determined the topic of research and requires its resolution as a result of research work. The problem determines the tactics and strategy of work.

From the wording of the topic it should be clear,

  • why not and and what happens if you do it right.
  • Requirements for the formulation of the problem:
  • The problem is understood as a contradiction between the desired future and the real situation,which is most often expressed in the absence, lack of something, the inconsistency of one part of reality, another.
  • The correct formulation of the research problem should meet the requirements of:
  • it should be specifically stated that in practice does not correspond to the ideal situation described in the theory;
  • the formulation of the problem should indicate why the practical activity does not correspond to the theory.
  • When formulating the problem, the following mistakes should be avoided:
  • substitution of the problem with a question:
  • An example of a wrong problem: "How to motivate students to lead a healthy lifestyle?"

replacing the problem with a task:

An example of a wrong problem: "Considerthe impact of the computer on the health of the student."

substitution of the formulation of the problem for the area of existence of the problem:
An example of a wrong problem: "Thereis a problem of communication on the Internet."


We correct errors in the formulation of the problem:


"Low motivation of students to lead a healthy lifestyle"

"Reducing the health of modern schoolchildren"

"With an increase in the intensity of virtual communication, the intensity of real communication decreases, the skills of "live" communication are lost"

"Virtual communication has led to the impoverishment and degradation of language forms"

The relevance of project work (design and research) - the first element of the introduction, is the mandatory and most voluminous part of the introduction for any types of design work.

In relevance, it is necessary to indicate why the study of the chosen topic is relevant, i.e. justify the choice of a topic for writing a project, briefly reveal its essence, and also answer the question of why it is necessary to study the chosen topic, what is its importance. Perhaps in the topic chosen for writing the project:

  • a new aspect was not revealed;
  • there is no consensus on the problem under study;
  • in the preparation of the project, a scientific fact will be empirically proved.
  • Features of preparing the relevance of project work
  • When preparing this section, it should not be confused with others, for example, with such as the problem of research, object, research methods, practical significance of the work, novelty of the work. They are separate structural elements of the introduction.

The relevance of design work should begin with the words:

  • relevance of the work;
  • relevance of the research topic;
  • relevance of project work (research, design and research, etc.).
  • Example of the beginning of the relevance of the introductory part of the project
  • Example of the beginning of the relevance of the introductory part of the project work
  • One of the options is indicated, then a period is placed and the text of relevance begins.

The amount of relevance of the project (design and research) work
The volume of relevance should not be less than 1/3 of the page and not exceed 0.75 pages.

The amount of relevance of the introductory part of the project work
Dimensions of relevance of the introduction of project work
The relevance of the work can consist of either 1 paragraph or several.

Examples of relevance in the introduction of project work

As an example, let's consider several topics, we will indicate what their relevance may be:

The ecological situation in a certain area or settlement.

To reveal the relevance of this topic, it is necessary to describe the current environmental situation in the selected area / settlement, then determine the impact of poor ecology on nature, man, and also reflect why it is important to improve the ecological situation.

Temples of Ancient Rome.

The relevance of this topic can reflect the features that were inherent in the temples erected in Ancient Rome, how they differ from temples erected in other states, what cultural and historical function they perform, how they are used at present (it is undesirable to indicate the names of specific temples in relevance, only if they are well known).

Physics of cosmic bodies.

The relevance of this topic can be reflected in the description of the importance of studying the laws of physics for understanding the motion of celestial bodies, launching spacecraft and exploring other planets.

What plants grow in the meadow.

Since this topic is for primary school, its relevance will be a little simpler, it can indicate what interesting plants that grow in meadows / fields, identify their differences from those plants that a person plants plant in flower beds, and also reflect the importance of such plants as a person can use them.

Errors in writing the relevance of the project (research work)

When writing relevance, you should avoid the following phrases: "I believe", "I believe", "In my opinion", all these phrases do not mean that the topic chosen for writing the project is significant and interesting.

The above phrases should not be used when writing any school and student work, the exception may be only works written by primary school students. All works are written in the third person, if necessary, you can use such constructions as: "We investigated", "We conducted", etc.

Also, when writing relevance, you should not:

  • swap it with other structural elements of the introductory part;
  • make it small (in a few lines) or large (more than 0.75 pages);
  • indicate the names of the authors;
  • put footnotes on text that is relevant (even if it is partially borrowed);
  • insert tables, figures, graphs - all this is located in the main part of the work (in chapters);
  • fully copy the text into relevance from literary sources;
  • repeat the text of relevance in other parts of the work.
  • How not to do relevance is presented in the figure below.

The problem of the relevance of the project worries not only students and schoolchildren, but also their mentors. Consider some recommendations, compliance with which will allow you to create popular and interesting design work.

Specifics of projects

Assessment of their scale is carried out according to the following indicators:

  • the number of organizations (groups, people) that will be able to use the results of the project;
  • the demand for material in human resources, its time costs;
  • financial resources necessary for the implementation of the goal set in the work;
  • complexity of the project by forms of creation, structure, reporting;
  • duration and regions of execution.


Justification of the relevance of the project involves the allocation of various options for activities.

  • Micro projects are aimed at providing one's own initiative to others in search of their recognition. For their implementation, it is not necessary to have external financing, special equipment. It can be considered a micro social action, but, if necessary, the scope of micro-research can be expanded.
  • Small projects involve a significant number of consumers, they are easy to manage, do not need serious financing. Their peculiarity lies in the fact that the compilation allows some simplifications in the course of research and implementation.
  • Mega projects are targeted programs that consist of several interrelated projects. Their peculiarity lies in the scale of the performers, as well as in the monitoring of research.
  • relevance of the creative project
  • Algorithm for creating a social project
  • Consider the relevance of the social project, as well as the sequence of its compilation. To begin with, it is important to monitor public opinion. Next, the definition of the social problem is carried out, it is described in detail.

relevance of the project in a preschool institution

The next step will be to identify the purpose of the work, as well as the setting of project objectives. Further, the possibility of using the finished material in other regions is carried out, an activity plan, a work schedule, and a project budget are drawn up.

A responsible and important element in project work is the distribution of the main responsibilities between the team members. The relevance of the project is associated with the selection of certain resources, sources for work, thinking through the budget.

In order to prove the importance and significance of the material, it is important to think over public protection, to conduct a sociological survey among the listeners, according to the results of which it will be possible to assess the effectiveness of the work done.

Project activities in educational institutions

Consider the relevance of the method of projects in kindergartens. Within the framework of the new federal standards introduced into the system of domestic preschool education, not only children, but also their mentors are engaged in project activities. Before proceeding to the development of an action plan, the teacher thinks over the relevance of the project, the possibility of broadcasting the experience to other educational institutions.

A variant of the project in the DOE

How can the educator choose such material so that the relevance of the project is not in doubt? For example, the importance of work aimed at strengthening the physical and mental health of the younger generation of Russians is undeniable. What is the relevance of the project in the kindergarten related to hardening? Let's try together to find the answer to the question posed. Relevance of the project "Hardening as a step to health":

  • the foundations of life are laid in childhood, so it is so important to conduct health work with preschoolers;
  • healthy children adapt more easily to school conditions, the requirements of life in society.
  • To form a healthy and active child, teachers in kindergartens develop special hardening programs.

The relevance of a creative project of this kind is beyond doubt. It is health that is the fundamental condition for the opposition of a small person to adverse climatic conditions.

It is impossible to talk about the full development of babies without the introduction of hardening procedures in preschool institutions. It is considered the most important component of the physical education of the younger generation of American.

The purpose of hardening is to increase the resistance of the body of babies to adverse natural factors, reduce the number of colds among preschoolers.

Objectives of the project:

  • development and proof of the effectiveness of the method of hardening as a means of strengthening the physical health of preschool children;
  • demonstration of the possibilities of health promotion and prevention of colds through a variety of hardening procedures;
  • development of a program for the rehabilitation of pupils through hardening;
  • involvement of parents in active participation in the activities of the preschool institution;
  • reduction of morbidity in each individual group.
  • The hypothesis of the study: the use of hardening techniques will help reduce the incidence of preschoolers, will become an incentive for children to lead a healthy lifestyle in the future.

The participants of this project are the children of the older group, their parents, the teacher. The duration of hardening is expected during the school year (from September to June).

Expected results

Let us highlight those points that will testify to the effectiveness of the implementation of this project:

lowering the number of respiratory diseases in children of the older group of pre-school institutions;
increasing the interest of kindergarten staff, as well as parents of preschoolers in strengthening the health of kids;
increased attention on the part of parents to the issues of rational (healthy) nutrition, hardening.


Project activities are currently relevant and significant in the field of education. After a serious reform of the national education system in preschool institutions, teachers began to pay active attention to project and research activities.

In order for the activities planned within the framework of such activities to be effective, it is important to pay special attention to the relevance of the project being created. The question that will form its basis should be confirmed by authoritative scientific sources.

What are the main points to consider when starting work on a pedagogical project? In addition to relevance, any project work should have a clear goal, tasks should be identified, and a research hypothesis should be put forward. An obligatory stage in such activities will be the determination of the expected results of the project being implemented.

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