Tuesday 15 January 2019

Consumer Behavior - Scope, Concept, Model, Ethical Marketing

Consumer Behavior

The study of consumer behavior as a separate marketing disciplines started when the marketers realize that consumers don't always act or give reaction as expressed in the theory of marketing. The study of consumer behavior allows marketers endangered and predicting consumer behavior in the marketplace. Other factors that contributed to the growing interest in consumer behavior is the rate of acceleration of new product development, movement of consumers, concern for public policy, concern for the environment and the opening of markets National all around the world.

The Concept of marketing

the main marketing Focus is making the needs and desires of the consumers. Philosophy-oriented marketing to consumers known as marketing concepts. The basic assumption underlying the concept of marketing is if the company wants to achieve success the company must determine the needs and desires of the various specific target markets and delivering the desired satisfaction better than competitors. The marketing concept is based on the rationale that the marketers should make what can be sold, than trying to sell what he had made. The sales concept focuses on the needs of the seller, while marketing concept focuses on the needs of the buyer.

The scope of customer behavior

Study consumer behavior centered on how individual decisions to utilize the available resources (time, money, effort) in order to buy goods associated with consumption. This includes what they buy, why they buy, when they buy, where they buy, how often they buy, and how often they use them.
In addition to the study of consumer usage and evaluation of post-purchase products they buy, consumer researchers also interested to know how individuals dispose of the product. With the aim is that they should adjust their production at consumers buy its replacement.

Consumer behavior is rooted in the cross in Siplin Science 

is a branch of consumer behavior between science, i.e. based on various concepts regarding people who have developed by scientists in disciplines that are very different. The theories of consumer behavior based on economic theory, with the opinion that individuals act rationally sir to maximize wealth, profits (satisfaction) in giving their goods and services.

A Simple model of decision-making of the consumer

decision-making process can be viewed as three different stages but have relationships to each other are:

1) The Input Stage

It is the stage that affects the introduction of consumer to the needs of top products and consists of two main sources of information, namely:
The company's marketing efforts (the product itself, price, promotion and where he sold),
Influence of external sociological top consumer (family, friends, neighbors, informal sources). This is an input that may affect what consumers bought and how they are using what they buy.

2) Stage Processes

are focused on how consumers make decisions. A variety of psychological factors inherent in every individual, affecting the input from outside at the input affects the introduction of consumer to the needs, information searches prior to purchase, and the evaluation of various alternative.

3) Output Stage

Is the taking of a consumer consists of two kinds of activities after the decision making which is closely related to the evaluation and buying behavior after purchase. An experimental investigation on the behavior of the phase is the purchase, i.e. the consumers judge products through the use of direct purchase re usually signifies the acceptance of the product.

Ethical Marketing

Research on ethical marketing usually focuses on the various practices of marketers. The study of ethical philosophy posited two different theories, namely:
  • Teleology theory, concerned with moral values over the specified behavior of the magnitude of that value based on the consequences.
  • The theory of De ontology, related methods and intentions contained in a particular behaviors.

Ethics and social responsibility 

Corporate philosophy and corporate environment was a determining factor in ethical behavior of employees of the company. Many companies that have a clear code of conduct devised to determine how decision-making across the organization.

The company generally recognizes that activities that are socially responsible repair the company's image in the eyes of consumers, shareholders, financial community, and other related public. In this way, a good form of business, which generates a good image, and ultimately improve the previous.

The marketing concept attentive to the interests of the community

This Concept requires that all marketers adhering principle principles of social responsibility in marketing their goods and services that is, they must trying to satisfy the needs and wants of target markets by way of protecting it and improve the welfare of consumers and society as a whole.
A serious Obstacle to expand the implementation of a marketing concept attentive to the interests of the community it is a short-term orientation which is governed by the business manager over the steps taken to increase market share and obtaining profit quickly.


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