Tuesday 18 December 2018

What is it Positioning for marketing mix?

Positioning is the Act of a company to design a product and marketing mix in order to create a certain impression of consumer remember. And thus the consumer segments to understand and appreciate what the company in relation to its competitors.

For the company to examine the actions or identify the position of competitors and decided to take a position with a competitor's position or looking for an opportunity in the market.

If the company position itself close to the other competitors, the company must select and then search for differences further through its own differences.

"Positioning is the act of designing the company's offer so that it occupies a distinct and value placed in the target customer's mind".


Its meaning, looking for ' position ' in the market, this step is performed after determining the segmentation strategy used. In other words, positioning is an action or steps from manufacturers to design the corporate image and the offer value which consumers within a particular segment of understand and appreciate what a particular segment, understand and appreciate what a company, compare with its competitors.

The decision of the selection of the target market is the vocals from itself and the marketing strategy the basis in determining objectives and development strategy of positioning.

Therefore, positioning strategy is a major factor in increasing the strength of the company's market position in a certain market than its competitors. From the above definition contained the notion that mind-oriented positioning or the perception of consumers.

So positioning is an attempt to find a loophole in the minds of consumers so that consumers have a special image against a product or brand of product or even against the company.

The role Positioning in marketing strategies

The positioning of holding a very large role in marketing strategy, after doing market analysis and competitor analysis in an internal company analysis (total situation analysis).

The reason this world is now engulfed in the explosion occurred over communications, goods, media, and advertising. As a result, the mind of prospects into the arena of battle.

Therefore, in order to succeed in a society over communication, any company should able to create a position that considers not only the company's own strengths and weaknesses, but also the strength and the weakness of its competitors in the minds of the prospect.

Basic about positioning

That is, the basic ' base positioning no again just create something new and different to the other. But cleverly utilize what you have in mind and associate relations that have been there. This because the human mind also has a place for each of the pieces of information that have been chosen for the save.

Meanwhile, the mind of the consumer is often analogizing as the last bastion of defense against the chaotic communication. As the site filter, accept or reject the information it offers.

If it turns out the consumer mind has been form, usually other manufacturers are having trouble to change it. Let alone its competitors do not stay silent do re positioning.

Concretely staple, one thing needs to be done in an attempt to "nail off" one's mind is no way related to his message, but instead the mind itself. A clean mind is the mind that has not been polished by other brands. So the role of the positioning system is organized in an effort to find the right things, at the right time in one's mind.

Product Positioning

In the process positioning product positioning it always starts. This opinion is express which also posited definitions of product positioning as follows:

"The positioning process should begin with the product themselves. To gain a strong product positioning, a company must differentiate its product from all other products on the market. The goal is to give the product a unique position in the market place. "

From the definition above contains the notion that the process should start with the positioning of the product itself. To achieve a strong positioning a product companies.

Need to do the differentiation in many factors including:

Price, technology, quality, distribution channels or target consumers.

Formula for positioning express describes the company's product will do when positioning needs to consider. The four (4) primary key, it is refer to as The Golden Rules of Product. as for his as follows:

    • The company needs to marketing trend and market dynamics. Such as technology trends, competition, social, and economic issues.

    • Company should focus on positioning technology and quality.

    • The company must target its products at the market segment of a certain segment of society. For example on the top, middle or bottom. Because it's better to be a big fish in a small pond. Than a small fish in the pond becomes large. (it's better to big fish in a little pond,).

The company should be willing to experiment with new types of products. Then pay attention to the reaction of the market. If users suggest changes so the company had to adjust his strategy.

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