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What is a job description?

job description

The creation of the task force Office (job description) that reasonable is done through an analysis of the position. From the analysis of the position held. Then it will do research on aspects of Office through observations and/or filling the questionnaire either in close or open (interview)-by those who occupy a position of certain. Base on the results of this data collection. Then it will do further analysis of the term poured in the form of a task force Office.

Often the case, the task force position made in advance--without going through. The analysis of Office primarily on the company (or organization) was form. In this case it is more appropriate to be said to be "adjusted" according to conditions or the fact that occur when implement.


In the task force formulate a position. Then there are five basic concepts that are the Foundation of the basic considerations, namely:

  • The task force Office is a short document of factual information. Which are the tasks that must be done and it is a responsibility that is inherent in a particular position closely.

  • In the task force position will be outline the outlines of the scope of the Office and other offices in the organization/company and prerequisites-a prerequisite of Office.

  • The task force position of always basing on the nature of the job rather. Than the individual who performs it, thus the orientation include in the thesis Office. It will put emphasis on activities that must be done by the individual who holds that post.

  • The task force Office is also talking about selective information obtain from the analysis of the report of the Office. Therefore, the task force term will display statements that are relevant to the position.

  • Data is record in the Office of the task force will be more emphasize on the nature. The nature of the position in question.

Preparation of the tasks force office

The preparation of the task force Office is one that needs to be met an organization. The task force Office often has an effect like a mirror for the management.

Here management can use the task force the Office to find the existence of an imbalance in the organization. Especially concerning duties, authority, responsibility, and so on. Some of the benefits that could be draw in the preparation of the task force Office, among others, the following:

  • As an ingredient to make a comparison between the task and the work in a company with the task. The work on company other (including the system of compensation that apply).

  • As a basis for the determination of the compensation system rests in the company through. The process of the Evaluation Office.

  • A basis for the establishment of the performance appraisal system. The preparation of  programmers for human resource development, promotion, recruitment, etc.

  • Helps a person to be able to better understand about the assignment of authority or responsibility from his Office. In this case will also help in terms of giving the material orientation Office to new position.

  • Explain and clarify regarding the scope of the position in an organization. So as to avoid the possibility of erroneous interpretation, overlapping, etc.

  • Assist in planning programs and organizational development programs.  Including training, setting back the system and work procedures and others.

Organizational structure & task descriptions

Preparation of the task force position will be very closely related. To the existing organizational structure of the company. Thus the creation of the task force position in a company. That hasn't got the "tranquility" in the structure of its organization is futile, because it coincide with the completion of the creation of the task force position. Then the structure of the Organization-as well as his positions. It will be different to those state in the description of the position.

Suggests that authors have the task force position will also relate. To the problem of the time (in addition to the cost of the course). In terms of time, usually after a few weeks’ /months’ time should be spent on drafting. Then also still needed a few weeks/months to examine, evaluate and improve. The content rather than the position of the task force. Before the results can be accept and it was decide by management to be implement.

Then the results of the task force Office still must also be observe and evaluate continuously so keep up to date. Preparation of the task force Office of a company should be carry out by the officials. Who sit in the existing organizational structure.

Basic Tasks

The basic consideration is only they who most know and understand about the tasks that must be carry out. The authority or the responsibility that exists, and so on. In this case, if the company does not have personnel who are experts (specialist company). To carry out the task force drafting the post, then authors can be done with the help of consultants from outside together. Only here the process will last far longer in relation to the consultant must know and learn in advance about things that exist in the Organization of the company (including all the post).

The process of drafting a job description will be prefixed with good data collection activities. Through field observation, questionnaires, interview with existing Office holders. As well as through secondary data (reference, study literature, etc.). The materials collect are then has to be process and rearrange as well as uniform for each position. (in matters relating to supervision requirements or impersonal).

Results of the preparation

The results of the preparation of the initial draft of the task force Office should then be evaluate and discuss again by individuals. Who held the post for then researched his righteousness. Base on the evaluation and correction of the implement then arrange "final job description" and could finally be implement.

The task force Office is not something that is constant temperatures (permanent). Therefore the follow-up (follow-up) in the form of evaluation in continuous still need. So that the task force Office is always up to date. Task force position basically describes. How the reality of an activity/work done.

The task force will comprehensively describe:

The name of the post

Here will be referred to an existing term and in accordance with the organizational structure has been design in the making process of organizational structure previous. At the same time here will be refer to the Office of the code number to facilitate the process of logging in later.


Here the term positions will be mention in the existing organizational structure, e.g. are in the Department / section / subsection. Of this statement will be known with the easy level/hierarchical position within the structure of the organization.

Overview of the position

Description of general purpose or the basic purpose of an Office that sets it apart as the others. Overview of the Office could also be said in conclusion (summary) of the principal tasks.

Principal tasks

Contains a list of tasks that must be implemented; covers routine (daily), a recurring task (periodically weekly/monthly), and additional tasks incidental/random occurrence took place.

Tasks render notably the frequency of activities often enough. From the task list, then any task to do an Office and how the tasks to be undertaken will be render may elaborate.


Shows "the right & power" of an Office, decided to govern, asserted the rules/procedures that should be adhere to, and so on. The authority will normally be more gear to those who have a position level/hierarchical). That is directly in the line-up an Office. Furthermore, the task force position will often come with specs and working conditions under which the activities of the Office/will be held regularly.

With the specifications and conditions of work, then here will be given a general overview about the specs and working conditions such as employment position, knowledge and technical skills required, working conditions (temperature, sound, lighting and environmental conditions other work) and physical risks of work that may be encountered. Depiction of the specification as well as working conditions is a precondition of shake and simultaneously also can be used for the basis of the determination of the compensation Office.

Specifications of the post

Office Specifications provide a reflection of the personality of the qualification required in an Office. Specification of the Office will provide identification and formulation are clear about. The terms of Office require of someone who was later promote to occupy a particular position.

The specified prerequisites should be relevant to the duties of principal as well as the specifications/working conditions that will be encounter (either physical or mental ability is concerned).

Based on the Ordinance regarding prerequisites this term. Then management will be able to have a basic reference for conducting programs recruiting or training (training). Specification of the Office should be distinguish from analysis of the position. Since the specification of the term substantially infer or based on the results of the analysis of the position.

In order that an Office can be successfully implement as well as possible then arrange a precondition which specifically set out as follows:

The prerequisite Knowledge

Covers the knowledge required for each Office as technical knowledge, professional, administrative/management and so on.

Prerequisite Skills (Skill)

The issue of skill (skill) is difficult to be identify or define, skill is these forms of behavior. That are important in provide identification and yardsticks a person effectively. The skills developed from the process of regular exercise routine, besides surely also depend on the ability of the innate mental and physical attributes of a person.

The prerequisite attitude (Attitude)

Prerequisites is the most difficult to quantify. The attitude is in fact a person's tendency to act that strongly depends on the aspect of cognitive, effective and psycho motor. In order to remain useful, then the specification of Office should always be check. Moreover will be apply are evaluate and correct back whether the specifications /prerequisites an Office still sufficient. (up to date) considering any changes/developments It may happen.

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