Tuesday 20 June 2023

Strengthen the construction of enterprise operation and management


construction of enterprise


Strengthen the construction of enterprise operation and management center, lay the foundation for the sustainable and rapid development of the company." The project will provide office space for personnel in various departments such as technology research and development, marketing, project management, and operation monitoring, integrate the company's decoration headquarters management center, design center, curtain wall headquarters management center and other functional departments, build a good office environment, further stabilize the business environment, improve the comprehensive management level, reduce operating costs, and steadily improve profitability.

The effective management of projects by enterprises is an effective way to strengthen the ability of enterprises to implement projects. This article summarizes the key points of implementing project management as follows:

1. Set up a project management team

Set up a project office, organize all kinds of talents, build a project team, and carry out reasonable allocation and division of labor. The key to project management is to choose the right personnel to form a project team according to the nature and scale of the project, that is, to build a team and form a project office. The project office is led by the project director (project leader) and consists of a management team composed of administrative, planning, quality, financial, contract, technical, procurement, use guarantee and other management personnel. This is a crucial relationship for the overall project planning, schedule control, and process control.

Second, determine the composition of the project management team

Determine the organizational form of project management according to the importance and complexity of the project, and allocate personnel in a timely manner.


In terms of the organizational form of project management, it is generally divided into independent organizational structure and matrix organizational structure, in the independent organizational structure, the project leader has strong autonomy, which is conducive to the unified allocation and direct control of the work of project team members, and is also conducive to the subordinate personnel to concentrate on completing their own work, but the cost is relatively high; For the matrix organizational structure, there are fewer full-time personnel, part-time personnel must be led by both the project department and the original department, and the project team lacks personnel control and cannot carry out effective management, but can effectively save costs. 


This needs to be based on the actual situation of the project, and then choose the appropriate organizational model. To a certain extent, the project department can be gradually given greater authority, broaden its scope of responsibility, and ensure the effective completion of the entire project operation. This is important to consider during the project planning process.

3. Establish a simple and smooth project management system

Shorten the line of command and clarify responsibilities. Project management, internal communication and coordination of the relationship between the project department and superiors and various departments; Externally, it is necessary to coordinate the relationship with the customer side. Therefore, it is important to ensure smooth government orders, information sharing, and the establishment of a top-down, simple and smooth project management system. 


In terms of specific work, the project management system can design different levels of command lines according to the size of the project, each level is composed of different levels of personnel, the person in charge at all levels only reports to the person in charge at the higher level, which reduces the burden of the person in charge at all levels, eliminates the command and management of all levels of the department, ensures that the project management function is directly implemented from the company level to the specific project team leader, so that the responsibilities of all departments at all levels are clear, and at the same time, strengthen the functions of the project team leader. Fully mobilize the enthusiasm and creativity of grassroots managers.


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