Tuesday 20 June 2023

Components of Effective Project Management: From Initiation to Control

Project Management



An employee of Yitao told Caijing that he will be transferred to the newly established wireless team next year. The employee said that Ma Yun's emphasis on wireless and data was unbelievable, and he proposed to let ldquo; Wireless defeats Taobao rdquo; (refers to the mobile traffic exceeding the PC side), as long as the internal wireless-related projects are allowed. This time, the wireless independence is also to better grasp the emerging traffic brought by the mobile Internet. rdquo;

The effective management of the project can help the enterprise to do a good job in the cooperation between the project and other aspects. So what are the main components of project management?

First, the project initiation process

The process of initiating a project is the process of identifying and starting a new project. It's important to recognize the notion that small successes on important projects are more meaningful and valuable than big successes on unimportant projects. In this sense, the start-up phase of a project is particularly important, which is a critical stage in deciding whether to invest and what to invest in, where poor decision-making can result in huge losses. Focusing on the project initiation process is the first step in ensuring the success of the project.

Second, the planning process of the project

The planning process of a project is a very important process in the implementation of a project. By formulating a scientific plan for the scope of the project, task decomposition, resource analysis, etc., the work of the project team can be carried out in an orderly manner. Because of the plan, we can have a reference in the implementation process, and through the continuous revision and improvement of the plan, the subsequent plan is more realistic and can guide the project work more accurately.

Third, the implementation process of the project

The implementation of the project generally refers to the main content implementation process of the project, but the implementation includes the preliminary work of the project, so it is not only necessary to pay attention to the scope change and record the project information in the specific implementation process, and encourage the project team members to work hard to complete the project, but also to emphasize the key content of the implementation in the beginning and closing process, such as formal acceptance of the project scope.

Fourth, the control process of the project

The process control of project management is an important process to ensure that the project moves towards the goal, that is, to find deviations in time and take corrective measures to make the project progress towards the goal. Controls can bring actual progress into line with the plan, or the plan can be modified to make it more relevant to the current situation. The prerequisite for modifying the plan is that the project meets the desired goals. The focus of control is on the following aspects: scope changes, quality standards, status reporting and risk response. Basically, if the control of the above four aspects is handled, the control task of the project can be generally completed.


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