Tuesday 20 June 2023

A Checklist for Avoiding Common Pitfalls and Maximizing Project Success


Project checklist


In order to change the previous model of listing to-do events for the new year and speed up project management, I think it would be valuable to keep things that should not be done in the next year short. Print out the list, mark it, and keep it within your reach. The format of the checklist should be clear so that you can easily see all phases of the project and make sure you don't make bad habits.

1. Don't lose your passion

It's easy for people to hesitate when starting a new project. But it's hard to maintain this kind of energy and passion in the long term. You know, if you want to have a good ending, it's not enough to have a good beginning.

2. Not sloppy

Remember, the sooner you start, the later you'll finish. Improper planning can cost you too much over a project cycle. Don't start so stressfully that you neglect to follow basic project management practices.

3. Don't always say yes

Attempting to list all the features of a project in advance is like making a recipe for "cooking" a project that is bound to exceed budget and have a negative ROI. Learn to be selective. It's also an art, and as time goes on, you'll become more and more accomplished in this art. Show project sponsors the important factors that are necessary and let them know why you want to discard the unnecessary ones. Often factors that seem small and unimportant on the surface often cost you a lot of time and money.

4. Don't take sides in political conflicts
Be neutral.

5. Don't forget to communicate

If communication isn't your forte, find someone on your project team who is good at it. If you're always busy with the technical side of the project, it's easy to overlook communication. Make sure you or someone you trust can communicate with key people.

6. Don't put the wrong people in the wrong positions

An apple is an apple, even if you paint it orange or wrap it in colorful paper.

7. Don't let anyone in the group overdraw

We all have to work overtime here or there, but don't let anyone continue to work overtime without rest. This can be unhealthy.

8. Don't make excuses

If you make a mistake (everyone does), admit it and correct it in time.

9. Don't look at the high and the low

10. Don't ignore the problem

Be wary of small problems developing into big ones. Once you ignore them, you may come back and get stuck.

11. Don't forget the blueprint in your heart

We must maintain a delicate balance between process and resources. It is our responsibility to ensure that all the work in the project converges at the right time and achieves the maximum desired goals of the project.

12. Don't forget your group members

Remember to keep them scrapy and recharge them in time.

13. Don't take all the credit for yourself

As Harry. Truman once said that if you don't get paid by others and you still want to succeed, it's like dreaming.


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