Tuesday 20 June 2023

Construction Enterprise Project Management: Key Points for Success


Project Management


As an important part of construction enterprises, construction projects are the core of enterprise management. The quality of project management of construction enterprises is crucial for enterprises to achieve scientific development. This article will talk about the 6 key points of construction enterprise project management often mentioned by these elites:

First, strengthening the evaluation of enterprise project management, strictly signing contracts, implementing project evaluation, and project manager responsibility system are the first gates to block the loss of project benefits.

At present, many construction enterprises have insufficient understanding of the status and role of project evaluation and measurement; Some evaluation and calculation authority is not clear, and the method is not scientific; Some evaluations and calculations lag behind, incentives and constraints are not in place, and there is a lack of dynamic tracking and assessment, resulting in uncontrolled enterprise project management, and the general ledger of project profits and losses to completion.

In order to solve this problem, construction enterprises must grasp four aspects of work: First, to raise awareness. Ideologically, we should earnestly take project evaluation and calculation as the basis for strengthening enterprise project management, block the first threshold of benefit loss, and consciously do a good job in evaluation and measurement. Second, it is necessary to strengthen the organization and leadership of assessment and measurement, and set up a special leading group, with special personnel responsible for it, and a scientific evaluation and measurement index system. Third, it is necessary to sign a contracted operation contract in accordance with the law, hand over a risk deposit, and appoint a lead accountant. Fourth, we should seriously supervise, inspect, guide and assess the project operation, help the project manager correct the deviation of operation and management in time, and ensure the realization of the project goal.

Second, to do a good job in the project management of labor service enterprises, it is necessary to use external labor workers according to the actual situation and different characteristics of the project, but at present, there are some irregular phenomena in the use and management of external labor workers by some construction enterprises.

For example, the use of some unqualified, low-qualified and low-quality labor service teams, heavy contracting and light management, and contract management, safety and quality accidents are frequent, damaging the reputation and image of the enterprise, and losing the market. Therefore, it is necessary to strengthen the enterprise project management of external labor workers from the following three aspects:

(1) Strengthen dynamic management.
Adhere to the responsibility of who employs the worker, strengthen a complete set of systems for education, use and management, and ensure the safety, quality and effective supervision of the construction period of subcontracted projects; Do a good job in the management of subcontracted project material procurement and supply, work inspection and pricing, and block the channels for loss of benefits; Do a good job in the institutionalized management of external labor services, timely carry out education on policy traditions, situation and tasks, safety and quality, compliance with discipline and law, and process technology, and maintain the reputation and image of construction enterprises with good political, technical, management quality and spiritual outlook.

(2) Strict qualification review and subcontracting.
Strictly follow the subcontracting evaluation procedure and strictly check the comprehensive strength (equipment, technology, funds, performance, etc.). When subcontracting, legal economic contracts must be signed and performed; It is necessary to ensure that the most difficult and high-tech projects are based on their own team; Integral subcontracting and layered subcontracting must be eliminated.

(3) Standardize the use system.

Adhering to the policy of "reasonable and orderly, evaluating performance, and paying attention to strength", enterprises must sign employment agreements with labor service companies or related enterprises, and temporarily selected technical workers and other personnel must also be included in labor service companies or related enterprises, and must not sign employment agreements for individuals alone.

Third, enterprise project management should first grasp the construction of project teams, and the construction of project teams should highlight and give play to the overall function.

First, it is necessary to take economic benefits as the center, maintain the collective authority of the project team, and maintain the authority of the project manager in enterprise project management. 

Second, it is necessary to adhere to the principle of democratic centralism and enhance the decision-making ability and leadership level of the leading bodies. 

Third, it is necessary to do a good job in unity and cooperation and enhance the overall joint strength of the leading bodies. 

Fourth, it is necessary to manage cadres well and fulfill the responsibilities of organizations at the first level. The construction of the project team should pay attention to its constituent personnel, adhere to the lean and efficient structure, and achieve the flexibility of the project team setting and staffing. The project team management personnel should implement a mechanism combining dispatch and employment, and reasonably combine the personality, specialties, management skills and other factors of the project according to the different characteristics and requirements of different stages of the project, as well as the management personnel's personality, specialties, management skills and other factors to ensure the effective play of the overall joint force of the project team.

Fourth, sign the economic goal responsibility letter, grasp the cost of the project, the enterprise project management department is the main body of enterprise project management, is the direct responsible person for cost management, the quality of the cost management of the project department directly affects the economic benefits of the enterprise.

The project department should establish a cost control system with the project manager as the core, and form a reward and punishment mechanism that combines responsibility, rights and interests. The implementation of the project manager responsibility system is to require the project manager to be fully responsible for the construction schedule, quality, cost, safety and on-site management standardization, especially to put cost control in an important position.

In the economic goal responsibility letter, clarify the cost target, quality objective, fund recovery target, progress target, safe and civilized construction goal, dynamic control procedures and methods of the project, and clarify the method, time and amount of reward and punishment. According to the indicators in the economic goal responsibility letter, the project department decomposes the objectives, so that each manager of the project department bears the corresponding indicators and links them with rewards and punishments.

In the process of cost management, it is necessary to correctly handle the dialectical relationship between quality, cost, safety, civilized construction, progress and other indicators. If construction enterprises want to make profits from the construction of engineering projects, they must strictly implement cost control under the premise of ensuring safety, quality and construction period.
5. The risk management of enterprise project management is to effectively control risks in the process of project progress. Project risk management should first improve the risk awareness of enterprise project managers, formulate project risk plans, and control risks.

After identifying risk factors, risk response measures should be formulated, and corresponding response strategies should be determined according to the probability of risk occurrence, risk costs and benefits generated, such as risk treatment, risk acceptance, risk improvement, etc.

In actual work, the existing risks may be identified, but they can not be handled correctly, and the risks are transmitted layer by layer, resulting in deviations in the plan, and finally the results of the entire project are biased, so we should pay attention to grasping from the source of risks, controlling risks, and preventing losses caused by risks.

Sixth, the project manager should strive to improve his own ability and quality, the project manager is the soul of the project team, is the main manager of the project. Project managers must master a certain level of management at the same time as they master a professional level, that is, they must have three basic management skills:

First, technical capabilities:

All jobs require some expertise, and as a manager, you don't know how to manage without the corresponding technical skills.

The second is interpersonal skills:

Managers must master the ability to work with others, understand others, motivate others, effectively exert everyone's enthusiasm, and improve management ability.

The third is mental capacity:

Because decision-making requires managers to identify problems, find ways to correct problems, and evaluate the best solution to solve them. Managers must process and interpret information rationally and improve their ability to synthesize analysis.

Project managers should also continuously improve their own quality, especially to strengthen the four awareness:

First, we must strengthen the sense of innovation.

To achieve management innovation, we first depend on the innovation of thinking mode and ideological concepts.

Second, we must strengthen the sense of responsibility.

Specifically: it is necessary to do a good job in the project and open up the market well; Lead the team well and cultivate the quality well; Finally, it is necessary to grasp the benefits well.

Third, it is necessary to strengthen the sense of self-discipline.

Because the project manager is in an important position in the enterprise, it is necessary to strengthen self-discipline.

Fourth, we must strengthen the awareness of learning.

The connotation of market competition is learning, and the soul of enterprise innovation is still learning. Therefore, if a project manager wants to achieve a career and do a good job, he must first become a model for learning.


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