Tuesday 20 June 2023

Construction Project Management: Implementing Effective Strategies


Construction Project


The construction management of construction projects is a complex project, to do this work well, construction enterprises need to carefully analyze their own characteristics, make full use of their own strengths, adopt scientific methods, improve the quality of construction management, and further refine the work in management, in order to complete the construction tasks on time and quality. According to different management methods, building construction management is mainly divided into macro construction management and micro construction management.

1. Objective problems in construction management

1. Insufficient management of the construction environment of construction projects

The construction site is relatively large, and it is mostly carried out in the form of multi-departmental and multi-link three-dimensional simultaneous construction. In this mode, the transportation of materials and the application of construction equipment are more, due to the focus of management to the construction safety and quality of the shift, resulting in the management and planning of the construction site environment is not in place, specifically manifested: the construction road is not smooth, raw materials and equipment are stacked arbitrarily, the construction environment is not clean, and the planning of employee living areas is not rigorous.

2. The construction management system is outdated

At present, the construction management system still adopts the traditional model of first planning and implementation in divisions, and in this mode, the supervision of implementation is neglected. Therefore, in the implementation process, it is often detached from the planning, which has a certain impact on construction safety and construction quality. Specific problems include: the lack of financial management system of construction enterprises, and the lack of reasonable budget for raw material procurement, transportation and other links; The project contract management is not implemented, and there are certain compliance risks.

3. The sense of unity of the construction team is weak

Construction site management is a multi-departmental, multi-personnel group activity. At present, the management of the construction site is overly demanding, and the progress of construction is overly demanding, and the cooperation between departments and the cultivation of solidarity among employees are neglected. It is easy to cause problems such as reducing the overall effectiveness of the team due to disharmony between departments and employees.
Second, the way out suggestions in the management of construction projects

1. Pay attention to the management of the construction environment

The design and layout drawings of the site should be reasonably arranged according to the specific reality of the site, and the facilities and equipment used should be set up and stacked in accordance with the relevant provisions of the site layout drawings arranged in advance, and the layout of the site and corresponding adjustments should be carried out according to the different characteristics of the foundation, structure and decoration of each stage of the construction, keep the road smooth, make it flat, and maintain cleanliness, and need to use concrete for pouring, can not be littered, can not have scattered items, The perimeter of the building should also be poured with loose water, while maintaining a clean environment around it, so that the site can be leveled without forming water. Do not have some debris and related loose scattered disorderly, form an overall drainage system in the site, and keep it unblocked, the related garbage generated by the building should be piled up intensively, and need to be treated and cleaned up in time.

2. Strengthen on-site construction management

Generally speaking, for on-site construction management, it is necessary to start from several aspects, such as: 

(1) from the technical management work, 

an engineering project often complex construction technology, each construction team more, so it is very important to do a good job in technical management, first of all, should be familiar with the construction drawings, and even optimize each process, while considering their own resources (construction team, material supply, funds, equipment, etc.) climate and other natural conditions, seriously and reasonably do a good job of construction organization plan, In addition to a reasonable plan of construction organization. 

It is also necessary to make technical preparations in the specific construction process, especially the construction process required by high and new technology, and the technical reserve includes technical management personnel, skilled workers, and training in new technologies and new processes.


 Construction specifications, technical disclosure and other work to ensure that each process step of the construction process is under control, and the preparation plan for the treatment of various situations can be completed on time and with quality. 


(2) Do a good job in material management. 


The management of materials should be carried out from several aspects, such as material supply, material procurement, material entry, and material distribution. 


(3) Do a good job in personnel management. 

Construction personnel play a key role in the quality and progress of the project, and the technical management personnel and technical workers in the construction team are inseparable, and adhere to people-oriented, which can cultivate the cohesion of the construction team. At the same time, it is necessary to clarify the management system of the construction team, the responsibilities and rights of each position, and to make sure that the order must be carried out. 


(4) Do a good job in construction safety, and the focus of safety work should be on the prevention stage.

 From the establishment of a safety education system, the formulation of safety technical measures. Formulate safety operation procedures to ensure the design and installation of safety protection facilities, and ensure safety inspection and safety supervision during construction. The handling and analysis of safety accidents, the establishment of a safety duty system and other aspects of safety work management.

3. Create a positive technical team

It is a necessary responsibility as an administrator to effectively understand and be familiar with some basic information of each construction class and related construction personnel, and build a good class atmosphere based on this, so that the construction class and related construction personnel can consciously implement and comply with the construction rules, and at the same time implement and enforce the corresponding safety specifications, so that the invisible guidelines that constrain the collective can be implemented consistently. 


Unity is strength, and the flame of the crowd gathering firewood is high. Only by relying on the strength of the whole collective can both parties reach a consensus and form a common view in the process of carrying out the work, so that no matter how large the amount of work is built, how high the building is built, how difficult and strict the construction is, satisfactory results and achievements can be obtained. 


In the process of work, we should also attach importance to the establishment of interpersonal relationships, understand its importance, actively care for and pay attention to the living conditions of construction personnel, and start education from various aspects to further enhance the self-esteem and responsibility of relevant construction personnel.

4. Seriously deal with the later construction management issues

Generally speaking, the construction management in the later stage faces problems such as tight construction period, many processes, many types of work, more input labor, more machinery, many specifications and varieties of materials, many types of work, wide range of supporting work, large workload, and strong professionalism. Therefore, doing a good job in post-construction management to ensure that the entire project is delivered on time with quality and quantity is a problem that the general contracting unit often encounters and needs to be continuously solved. 


To this end, measures can be taken from organizational, technical, managerial and economic aspects. The establishment of an authoritative, organized and efficient project leadership organization, the organization is set up according to the characteristics, scale, professional nature and other requirements of the project, so that the personnel are set up according to the post, the work is efficient, the structure is scientific and reasonable, and the goals are broken down layer by layer, the responsibility is implemented, and the rules and regulations are formulated to ensure the realization of the goals, which are all powerful organizational measures in practice. 


In terms of management measures, project managers are required to unify their thinking, and the management objectives of all participants should be unified, and dynamic control should be adopted in the process of achieving goals, such as the arrangement and control of the work surface. 


Do a good job in the supply of materials and machinery and equipment. Check the quality of the process in time, do a good job in the process handover inspection, and protect the finished product. Handling the safety protection of cross-construction and civilized construction problems must be arranged in an overall manner.


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