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Refer the project approval process


The project establishment mainly refers to the process of deliberating on the necessity, feasibility and rationality of the budget from the perspective of market conditions, policies and regulations, target users, products of the same type, profitability, business rules, operating procedures, technical implementation plans, work plans and workloads from the perspective of market, business and technology. some party a institutions consider from the perspective of management and responsibilities, and subdivide the project into business projects and technical projects. 


Among them, the business project is mainly from the perspective of business development to give the necessity of related project construction; technical project establishment is from the perspective of technical realization, to give the feasibility and rationality of related project construction. the projects mentioned in this article are technical projects unless otherwise specified.

Project initiation workflow

according to the author's work experience, the process of project establishment can be divided into three stages: material preparation, material review and confirmation, and project establishment review. among them, the project manager of the material preparation nail party coordinates the relevant project participants to sort out and compile various supporting documents required for the project establishment; the material review and confirmation refers to the feasibility and rationality of the relevant departments and external experts to review or confirm the feasibility and rationality of the project materials; the project approval committee refers to the process of reviewing the construction plan, work plan, cost budget and other contents of the project through the project materials submitted by the project manager of party a. if it is approved, the project is successful, and vice versa, the project is unsuccessful.

Materials required for project establishment

we know that the project establishment work is mainly through the corresponding explanatory materials to explain the necessity, feasibility and rationality of the budget to the project reviewers. therefore, before the project approval review, it is necessary for the project manager of party a to coordinate the relevant personnel and fully do a good job in the preliminary research and preparation work, so as to sort out and form the various explanatory documents required for the project establishment, mainly including: business needs, realization plan, workload estimation, budget evaluation, project work plan and project proposal. these different types of documents with different functions provide the necessary decision-making basis for project reviewers.

External expert review

for project establishment work involving technical documents, such as implementation plans, work plans and workload estimates, etc., party a's project manager or relevant technical department personnel are usually prepared according to their own work experience and understanding of the project. however, for project reviewers, due to the limitations of their personal professional background and work experience, it is difficult for them to make effective, authoritative and accurate judgments on these documents. then, in order to avoid the project risks caused by the inability to effectively review the technical content, before the project establishment work begins, the corresponding external experts can be invited to conduct a professional review of the technical documents, and from the perspective of a third party, in an objective and fair attitude, put forward their own opinions and suggestions on the feasibility of the project implementation plan and the rationality of the budget. the final expert opinion will be an important basis for the project reviewers to make decisions.

for external experts, when reviewing the technology-related content, it mainly involves the following aspects: first, to determine that the implementation plan is feasible, the technical indicators used can meet the software construction requirements, and there is no excessive or insufficient design; second, the workload of the assessment can cover the construction work of the entire project, and at the same time, there is a margin for the subsequent unknown work, but it will not be wasted; the third is that the work plan is reasonable and feasible for the planning of the project work, and there is no obvious plan that cannot be completed.

Project proposal

the project proposal is a summary document sorted out by the project manager according to the results of the project in the early stage of the project, such as the realization plan, project scale, project budget and project plan, etc. before the project establishment review, which mainly contains the following aspects: first, the basic information of the project is clarified, such as the project name, project manager, project objectives, etc.; the second is to determine the project construction type, determine its relationship with the existing business system, so as to determine whether the project is a new project or a continuous project; the third is to sort out the project construction working group members, contact information and their respective job responsibilities; the fourth is to list the schedule of the project work; the fifth is to give the necessity and feasibility of the project construction from the aspects of market conditions, comparison of the same type of products, profit analysis, technical feasibility, etc.; the sixth is to give the evaluation and budget of the project workload; and finally, the realization plan of the project construction.

usually in the project construction process involves multiple departments, such as business departments, software and hardware departments, finance departments, legal departments, etc. therefore, the project proposal needs to be approved by the relevant departments before it is submitted for review.

Project establishment review

the project establishment review work is mainly responsible for the project establishment committee, which reviews the feasibility of the project construction plan and the rationality of the budget through the project establishment materials submitted by the project manager of party a to ensure that the preparatory work in the early stage can meet the needs of subsequent project construction and the requirements of the company system. usually, it is mainly composed of senior leaders of the company and heads of business, technical, financial, legal and other departments.

the project establishment review work is generally carried out in the form of a meeting, at which the project manager of party a introduces the project construction plan, work plan and cost budget to the committee members, and answers their doubts. finally, the committee determines whether the project can be approved based on the relevant reporting materials and the introduction of party a's project manager. if it is not approved, the committee shall point out the under considered parts of the project establishment materials, and the project manager of party a shall re-establish the project after supplementing and improving it.

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