Monday 7 February 2022

How to do a good job in the early product project report?


The project establishment report, or the project proposal, or the feasibility analysis report, is a specific proposed index document proposed by the project or product construction enterprise according to the development of the industry economic system, as well as the regional policy construction planning, industrial policy, market, and internal conditions, and is a systematic conception and envision for the early stage of the product or project. 


So what is in the project approval report? we will then analyze the content section step by step and how to improve each link vigorously. make feasibility reports the standard.

First: Background

"Background" means the background of a product or project. overview of the initiating unit, background of the product application party, why it was initiated, what kind of product or project was initiated (simple overview), where the core points are, and what kind of problems were solved in general. in fact, if you find out the above points, the whole project report will be interesting.

Second: The scope of application

The application scope, field, and population of the planned product can be analyzed by distribution and use, and the application mode of the scene can be briefly described

Third: Develop the market

Product or project application market, current form and future trends. this link is crucial, according to national policies or regional management regulations, what kind of role can be played by the implementation of product plans on relevant policies and regulations, and what kind of problems can be solved for the purpose as the basis for reliability. increase the proportion of the implementation plan of the product, and hereby launch a recommendation report application.

Fourth: Market analysis

Investigate whether there are similar products or projects in the current market. if so, analyze the market share of the current product, as well as its own strengths and weaknesses. then, the planned products will be compared and analyzed from the functional business and from the market development prospects. know thyself and know thyself. 


If there is no such planned product or project in the current market, then it is a blank area in the market, and at this time, it is still necessary to analyze the business functions and development prospects of the current product, which can be summarized. in addition, communicate more with industry insiders, analyze public feedback and suggestions, collect information, and do this report analysis.

Fifth: Construction content

The construction content actually refers to the business description of the product implementation, and the business description can be decomposed into three parts: 

  1. First, a full understanding of the overall architecture, and the process mind map is the most acceptable. and then make a small overview; 
  2. The function introduction and business process of the main business layer can be introduced in detail according to the module, what can be achieved, how to connect with the offline entity business, and so on. speak with a diagram when necessary, so that people can see at a glance; 
  3. Implementation, the implementation part is the product on the shelf of hardware requirements and its own testing stage arrangement, which needs to be detailed design report according to the actual product situation.

Sixth: Risk assessment

The risk assessment is also the key to project establishment and is the most important link for approves. risks include the assessment of investment, technology, quality, construction period, promotion, and future development direction. among them, the proportion of investment and promotion is large. 


Since we have established the product project, we will minimize the cost as much as possible, promote the intensity, combine online and offline related human resources and related product groups, do better solutions, and minimize the risk index as much as possible.

Seventh: Related problems and solutions

Reliable solutions to problems left over from risk assessment.

Eighth: Technical application and deployment specifications

List the relevant technology adoption of product development and implementation, as well as server deployment requirements and specifications, followed by security strategy is also more important. this part can contact or consult the relevant product development contractor or company

Ninth: Cycle evaluation and price evaluation

for a cycle evaluation of the product from the establishment of the project to the later launch and promotion stage, it can be subdivided according to the actual situation of the product or project, including the actual investment budget of each stage can be evaluated (if it is an outsider in the information industry, the actual market price can be investigated)

The above nine points are the 9 modules of the main text of the project establishment report, which can be used as an attachment to the "project approval application" for the approval of the relevant responsible persons. it can also be used as a bid criteria evaluation form for bidding at the bidding meeting.

Then a good project report is not content that is more than low risk to attract people to read and recommend. to summarize the project report, to have a full understanding of the current market, to have a certain idea of the implementation of the product, for example, when i talk to others about the product, i actually have a prototype in mind, and a trend of people using it in the future. 


Combined with its own business, the people or things that can be imagined and have direct connections with the product can be combined, what kind of problems can be solved at present and what kind of advantages are brought, and what kind of prospects are in the future. 


With understanding and ideas to summarize, with analysis and suggestions to improve the business, i think this is a good project report, a good start to the implementation of products, projects, platforms.

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