Wednesday 9 February 2022

How to save construction costs at the construction site?


catch abnormalities and eliminate repetitions

First of all, we must be familiar with relevant information such as construction drawings, bidding documents and contracts, go deep into the construction site, and understand the abnormal situation or construction process changes in construction. 


When signing the economic cost signature, it is necessary to consider whether its content complies with the relevant information regulations, whether it is included in the scope of the quota construction, and pay attention to eliminating the duplicate project quantity, because some work contents are not reflected in the drawings, but are included in the quota, the confirmation of the project quantity should be as detailed as possible, can not be vague, to the audit department to calculate the amount of engineering convenience as the principle, to strictly grasp, the actual occurrence of how many signatures, can not be taken into account in order to increase the number of compensation.

records of textual and impact materials

in view of the actual situation that takes a long time from construction to audit, in order to avoid unclear memorization, it is necessary to make a record in time according to the actual situation of the construction site, so as to avoid future verbal disputes and even increase in costs.

avoid procrastination, there is a head and a tail

apply for visas for various economic expenses in a timely manner to avoid unnecessary disputes caused by too long a time. for the increase in costs, the construction unit will argue according to reason, less, the other party will definitely not agree; for the cost reduction, we must argue with reason, which is the place that reflects the quality of our work and the sense of responsibility. for example: the construction site according to the use of functional considerations, the need to open a large room, cancel a wall, often the construction unit out of a negotiation to cancel the construction of the civil wall, but the corresponding electrical sockets, pipelines whether to cancel there is no following, and in the project audit stage, often sub-professional audit, electrical professional auditors can not see the civil construction negotiations, which causes the reduction of the cost has not been reduced.

quantitative requirements for signing orders

every word, every letter must be clear. for example: the valve model of a letter difference, the cost is several times different, the same valve due to the different lining materials, one is a rubber pad, one is a tetra fluoride pad, but the price is seven or eight hundred yuan, and the other is more than two thousand dollars.

the engineering change system is necessary

for engineering changes that increase the scale and raise the standard, it is still necessary to strictly perform the change procedures and eliminate the arbitrariness of the change.

the boundaries are clearly demarcated

site economic cost visa sometimes before and after the repeated occurrence of close construction content, the first change and the later change of the part is not clear, negotiate whether the construction is not clear after signing, part of the project quantity is signed and canceled, the boundary division is not clear, resulting in increased audit difficulty, may cause an increase in costs, for example: in a project pipe well air duct between the separation wall is in the process of masonry, party a notice: "cancel the separation wall between the pipe well air duct", when a and b check the project costs, party b proposed: "when the notice is issued, we have reached the 18th floor..."

Check with the contract and pay attention to the inbuilt part

audit units or financial review are often only the basis of the data of the graphic, text data for review, even to the project site inspection, due to the lack of time and experience, it is inevitable that there will be mistakes, for the sub-items that have been hidden can not be checked, is bound to cause the actual increase in project costs.

principles and procedures are consistent

the on-site visa fee is part of the overall project investment, so the preparation and settlement of the cost budget should be consistent with the formal budgeting principles and procedures; the quota, base price and fee standard implemented therein should also be consistent with the provisions of the contract signed by the main project.

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