Wednesday 9 February 2022

Construction cost deviation correction five steps


After the construction cost plan is set, do not think that everything is fine, you must regularly compare the planned value of the construction cost with the actual value, if the actual value deviates from the planned value, it is necessary to analyze the causes of the deviation, take appropriate corrective measures to ensure the realization of the construction cost control goal, the following is a step by step for your interpretation.

1. compare

compare the planned and actual construction cost values item by item in a certain way to find out if the construction costs have been overrun.

2. analysis

on the basis of the comparison, the results of the comparison are analyzed to determine the severity of the deviation and the cause of the deviation. this step is at the heart of the construction cost control work, the main purpose of which is to find out the cause of the deviation, so as to take targeted measures to reduce or avoid the recurrence of the same cause or reduce the resulting losses.

3. forecasting

estimate the total cost of completing the project based on completion.

4. correction

when the actual construction cost of the project deviates, appropriate measures should be taken according to the specific conditions of the project, the results of the deviation analysis and prediction, in order to achieve the purpose of making the deviation of the construction cost as small as possible. deviation correction is the most substantial step in construction cost control. only through deviation correction can we finally achieve the purpose of effectively controlling the cost of the project.
the purpose of the analysis of the causes of deviation is to take targeted corrective measures, so as to achieve dynamic control and active control of costs. 


Deviation correction should first determine the main object of deviation correction, some of the reasons for deviation can not be avoided and controlled, such as objective reasons, should be as far as possible to prevent a small number of reasons from occurring, and strive to reduce the economic losses caused by the cause. after determining the main objects of correction, targeted corrective measures need to be taken. correction of deviations can be carried out by organizational measures, economic measures, technical measures and contractual measures.

5. check

track and inspect the progress of the project, keep abreast of the progress of the project and the implementation and effect of the corrective measures, and accumulate experience for future work.

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