Thursday 9 December 2021

Why is project control important?

The project control brings together tools, processes, and people experience/skills to deliver the right information at the right time to make the right decisions.

Where does project control occur?

The project control professionals work for the project manager within the project team and are accountable to the project manager. they are at the heart of the project team. 


If project management is focused on making informed and responsible decisions, project control involves the need to exercise the required control through "notification, monitoring, and analysis" awareness. project control professionals generate and maintain information to inform project managers and senior managers in order to perform controls.

What are the elements of project control?

The project control is about measuring and monitoring control variables, mainly in terms of time and cost:

  • Planning and itinerary 
  • Risk management (including identification and evaluation)
  • Cost estimation and management
  • Scope and change management
  • Earned value management
  • Document control
  • Vendor performance
  • Maintain project baseline
  • Reports 
  • BIM and information management

this list does not contain all the project control properties, but we think it contains key and important properties.

what is the project structure from a project control perspective?

at the heart of a project that successfully delivers the required benefits will be an agreed project process table that follows some of the basic rules of the development process that benefit from a robust and complete project management plan.

Other important elements included in the project management plan include a description of the scope of the project, the work breakdown structure (wbs), and the organizational decomposition structure (obs). wbs links the scope, schedule, and cost of the project. 


It is output-oriented, breaking down the scope of the project into deliverable items. it should be developed in parallel with the benefit identification so that deliverables items can be mapped to the desired benefits.


The wbs structure typically follows the project budget structure and provides a framework for project reporting, which should be detailed to the lowest level of deliverables items.

Obs defines the organizational structure and the roles required for successful delivery in the project team. from the obs, we should be able to identify specific responsibilities and responsibilities for delivery within the team. 


It supports resource requirements and management. once wbs and obs are defined, a responsibility matrix can be developed that links people to project-wide deliverables, their responsibilities, and responsibilities. the matrix builds the basis of the project control and assurance framework , including control of customers and control of account managers (cam). 


The project will determine the cost breakdown structure (cbs) from scope, wbs, and obs. it informs further project breakdown, reporting and budget requirements of the increased level of detail.

how important is project control?

the successful execution of a project depends on the appropriate plan. project execution is based on a robust project plan and can only be achieved through an effective progress control approach. developing appropriate project control system is an important part of project management. in addition, planning and monitoring are widely believed to be the main causes of project failure.

Despite the evolving area of project management, it is clear that traditional approaches still lack the use of project control, and articles have been published to support the importance of control in achieving project objectives. 

It has been proven time and again that project performance can be improved if there is a dedicated project control system.

The role of project control software

project control spans multiple processes and interacts with multiple roles to ensure project success. they need to keep an eye on detail throughout the project, some of which can last for years.

in the past, it might have been acceptable to use manual methods to monitor and evaluate project metrics. today, however, it is critical to use automated reporting and algorithm-based predictions to leverage the best available project data. 


The project control is too important for the success of large projects and for the success of the entire organization to handle processes and errors manually.

Modern project control methods require strategic project control software. Powerful solutions such as Innovative Techniques provide tools such as budgeting, risk management, planning, management, forecasting, etc. to keep your projects on time, on target, and deliver greater business value across the organization.


Plan and track resources


Innovative Techniques project management software enables cross-departmental, cross-site, cross-project resource allocation and effective tracking of their actual utilization, in order to prevent resource applicants from easily exaggerating the need for resources, while also making resource applicants work harder to estimate real resource requirements.

Track the team and task progress

With Innovative Techniques, the project manager can plan each project task and specify a assignee. When the task is complete, progress is updated in real time and managers can ensure that everything goes according to plan. 


This approach allows for an appropriate strengthening of responsibilities and commitments. When someone changes their commitment, 8Manage notifies other people.

Within the system, you can see whether team members are under-allocated or over-allocated. if necessary, you can reassign these tasks to keep your project running smoothly.

Risk identification and early warning

Innovative Techniques provides a detailed approach. Continuously monitor risks and develop contingency plans to address and mitigate problems by providing real-time overviews, highlighting anomalies, and automatically tracking and escalating problems and risks. This not only reduces the impact on budgets and schedules, but also helps prevent certain risks in the future.

Innovative Techniques is not only a project management tool, it can solve all your project management needs. 


The system provides a collaboration platform for all team members to work together more efficiently. Project managers can control the planning, monitoring and reporting of their projects and keep stakeholders up-to-date.

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