Friday 31 December 2021

What competencies should a qualified project manager have?

How can you do a good job in project management, for the project manager, in what ways can you polish their project management ability?

1, communication skills

cross-functional team communication is an important part of the project manager's daily work, the project team involves more people, and cross-professional, cross-functional, so it is very important for team members to communicate effectively, the project manager must first establish a very clear communication mechanism, including communication tools, methods, unified and easy to understand language description.

2, risk control capabilities

the project manager needs to participate in the identification, analysis, estimation and evaluation of project risks, formulate project risk management measures, select project risk management plan, prepare project risk management plan and contingency work plan, organize the implementation of project risk management plan, and fully arrange project insurance services. in the risk management of the production process, the project manager can invite the relevant experts or career risk managers to complete the risk management work, or rely on the strength of the enterprise, the project manager's focus is on the preparation of risk management plan and the organization to implement risk management plan.

3, planning and time management capabilities

reasonable project time is a key part of project management, which is to ensure that the project is completed on time, resources are allocated rationally, and the best work efficiency is achieved. reasonable schedule to ensure that the project is completed on time. project progress management consists of two parts, namely, the development of the project schedule and the implementation of the project schedule.

4, with a certain degree of management knowledge

project managers should communicate in depth with technical personnel, especially in the software development industry, understand the software or internet products online the whole process, understand the principles of product development, master technical terminology, and even many times, the project manager also need to master the development language, they can write code. of course, many programmers are thinking about career transition is the first position to consider is the project manager.

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