Friday 31 December 2021

What are the benefits of tracking project progress



Doing anything is essential to make sure that the results are within our expectations.

The project management relies on planning because there is no control without planning. But it's not all about making a plan, and you need to keep track of the project plan.

1, project tracking is conducive to improving the project plan

in preparing the project plan, the project manager must clear the task and the corresponding person in charge, clear the task start time, end time and guarantee conditions, etc. , the project plan as detailed as possible.

but the more time it comes to the future, the more difficult it becomes to plan. a period of time that may be accurately planned is called a planning cycle. therefore, it is not advisable or possible to plan in detail for the entire project at the outset.

2, project tracking is conducive to improving workload estimation

workload estimation is the focus of project management. poor estimates of workload can be characterized by failure to complete tasks and schedules in project tracking, or work ahead of schedule.

when a situation occurs, it is also necessary for the project manager to consider the assessment of the workload, which, along with a summary review of the workload, may also lead to changes to the overall project plan.

3, project tracking is conducive to understanding the work of members

after assigning tasks, the project manager should communicate with the project members in a timely manner to understand the progress of the work and understand the project situation.

because, if some problems and situations can not be collected in time, for the project manager, it is lost the understanding of the implementation of the project plan, but also lost the timely adjustment of the time.

4, project tracking is conducive to the overall progress of the project control status

if the project phases are clearly divided, the workload is clear, and the team members' work statistics are true, the overall progress of the project can be automatically generated by the tool, which may not be accurate enough;

tracking and controlling a project plan is actually a process by which the project manager takes the initiative to understand the status of the project. it would be best if project members were able to proactively report project work, especially problems at work.

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