Thursday 16 December 2021

Things to practice when a project manager



As a project manager, the most important thing is to lead the whole project team to fight together, do a good job of team building, in order to stimulate the morale of the entire team members, improve team performance.

However, in china, many project managers do not have the basic qualities or knowledge skills of project managers. 


There is a clear contrast here, abroad, the project manager is highly respected, only experienced and respected experts can become project manager. in china, the project manager is often a giddy green, before he understands what society is, he becomes a project manager. therefore, the project manager in china, just means the bottom of the small cadres, and a small group leader is similar. the reason for this situation is very simple, the concept of project management in china is still in its infancy, many companies do not understand what the project manager needs to have, so often the most technical, the most hard work, the best performance of the person as the project manager, regardless of whether the person is just a technology fanatic.

I often see project managers complaining about what kind of work is like messing around, employee disobedience, work tasks can not be completed, they have no real power, demand is always changing do not know how to do, and so on a series of complaints, i always look funny. because i've been through it, i've experienced it. also deeply appreciate their pain, feel funny is that those complaining about the project manager as if in a headless fly state, only know the annoying buzz, let oneself feel upset and let others feel upset, but how can not find a way out.

Each project is unique, so there must be a variety of risks and problems in doing so, and as a project manager you must have the quality to deal with them. 


The project manager is a weather vane, and all the project members watch it sail. when something goes wrong with the project, the weather vane dances with the wind because of its own emotional problems, and the project members will see it clearly. The worst consequence is to make the members look down on you, reduce the project manager's prestige in the team, the heavy is the project failure, the members leave the project team.

Therefore, as a project manager, is a kind of practice, the following are need to be practiced slowly:

Temper must be well controlled. 


Whether a team member doesn't finish the work on time or the customer always changes, you don't have any reason to lose your temper, especially in front of the team member;

In case of panic. 


The project risk is always there, all kinds of problems are always there, big things as long as calm, will come up with solutions. if not calm enough, it is likely to make the wrong decision, a wrong decision is often serious consequences, may bring about rework, project failure and other consequences. remember, be sure to stick to doing things right once;


Never let your superiors help you think of solutions. 


This is a mistake that many people are prone to make, often throwing problems at the leader, and then blaming the leader for not supporting your work and not solving the problem you are experiencing. remember, leaders only make decisions, not help you think about solutions, otherwise what do you do? for example, when the project resources are insufficient, need to apply for resources, do not directly tell the leadership of the lack of resources on the end, must tell him to face the shortage of resources, what kind of consequences, and then there are several solutions, each program is what are the advantages and disadvantages, and then ask the leader to choose a program;

Remember that it's no use complaining. 


Think back carefully, when did complaining be useful? if complaining is useful, what else do you want? everyone casually complain, the ideal in mind can be realized, complain about low wages, the boss will be good to raise wages, do you think it is possible? remember, complaining is useless, too many complaints will only prove that you are a useless project manager. when you have a problem, you want to break your head to solve it. for example, do team members have backgrounds, play big names with experts, don't listen to you, and complain? it is better to think about the root cause of the problem, and then self-study a hand in communication skills, this problem must be out of your own body, there is no doubt about it;

Trust your team members and encourage them more. 

Criticism is the most taboo in team building, unless there are very serious problems, to carefully consider whether to criticize. among the various methods of criticism, public name-and-name criticism is the most serious. remember, everyone has self-esteem. trust your team members and believe they are good. if they're not good, it must be your responsibility, you're not able to boost their morale, you're not going to be able to help them

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