Thursday 16 December 2021

How to do a good job of completion and settlement of Projects

The completion & settlement is the construction enterprise in the completion of the contract provided for all the contents, and after delivery and acceptance, according to the actual situation occurred in the course of the implementation of the project and the relevant provisions of the contract prepared, to the owner of all the project price due to the project cost documents.

After the completion settlement is prepared and reported by the construction unit to the owner, the owner will self-commission or entrust the cost consulting department to review, and the final result after the approval will directly involve the vital interests of the construction unit.

How to put the implementation of the work content, the benefits, through the completion of the settlement reflected, and so that their own interests are not lost, is the construction enterprises should pay attention to the problem.

Point. #1

At the same time, completion settlement is the basis for the construction unit to assess the cost of the project for economic accounting, is to summarize and measure the level of enterprise management, through completion settlement, can sum up the work lessons learned, find out the cause of construction waste, in order to improve the level of construction management services.

However, due to various reasons, many construction enterprises in this regard is not ideal, so that the management and economic interests of enterprises have been affected to a certain degree.

To this end, this paper on how to do a good job of completion settlement to talk about some experience, for peer reference, inappropriate, pray for the axe.

The enterprise leadership attaches importance to the premise of doing a good job of completion and settlement in the current construction market competition, construction enterprises in order to survive, its first task is to obtain the task in the bidding competition, but whether the task can be profitable, but also affect the survival and development of the core. 


Which involves a series of links, such as business strategy, daily production and cost management, completion settlement, enterprises in order to ensure comprehensive benefits, should correctly handle the relationship between the links, can not be turned into the project is "dead."


Point. #2

Then the project was a "suicide" situation. tto this end, enterprise leaders are required to do their best to ensure the organic integration of all aspects, in the importance of bidding work at the same time in the settlement of the preparation should also be equipped with sufficient high-level personnel, so that they participate in bidding decision analysis. in addition, in order to mobilize the enthusiasm of settlement preparers, the corresponding rules and regulations and reward and punishment conditions should be formulated. 


The settlement results of related projects should be checked and evaluated, and a set of cost management systems combining company, project department and on-site accounting should be established to provide a good organizational guarantee for the smooth progress of settlement work.

The establishment staff has a high level of business, is the basis for the preparation of settlement to compile a good project settlement, the preparer should have a higher level of business quality.

Specific performance in the first can correctly understand the fixed content, accurate application of fixed items, can make the necessary conversion of the fixed item unit price, can accurately understand and use the contract terms to adjust the adjustment costs, and secondly, timely grasp of the pricing information, (such as supplementary quotas, the provisions of the adjustment of the pricing documents, etc.) and can eat through the spirit, accurate use. third, can in-depth understanding and grasp the project site, master the construction practices and construction technology of each division of the project, carry out the necessary visa and cost calculation;

Point. #3

In order to achieve the above requirements, it is necessary to have a high-quality personnel. to this end, enterprises should, on the one hand, strengthen the training of existing personnel, and actively encourage and create conditions for relevant personnel to participate in various training and learning and examination, such as quota delivery, budget review personnel qualification examination (primary, intermediate), cost engineer qualification examination. aat the same time, we should establish a system of linking personal interests with their level and effect, urge employees to learn by themselves and improve their overall quality.

The fair contract clause, for the settlement preparation to provide the necessary conditions for settlement preparation on the basis of the contract, and the contract provisions as a reason and basis, so the results of settlement often depends on the degree of perfection of the contract and expression. 

Theoretically, the conclusion of the contract should follow the principle of fairness, the contract law provides that the unfair contract is invalid, however, in the actual works, it is often difficult to judge the fairness of a contract (except in extremely obvious cases), because the construction market is the buyer's market, the owner dominates, the owner in the drafting of tender documents, often put forward some harsh unfair terms. 


Point. #4

So that the owner power, responsibility, unreasonable distribution of risk, but on the other hand, the contractor free quotation, can adjust the price according to the degree of risk, it is fair that the two sides are free to negotiate a contract. therefore, in order to enter into a favorable contract, the contractor should carefully study the relevant laws, policies and provisions, especially on the scope of the contract, price and payment, price adjustment, engineering changes, force manure, duration, insurance, breach of contract, claims and dispute settlement, etc., in accordance with the contract law, the construction law, the bidding law and the construction contract (model text), in order to provide a legal basis and basis for the final settlement. 

Soon the other hand, attention should be paid to the reasonableness of the various information signed in the course of the implementation of the project in order to prevent loss of benefits.

Point. #5

The initiative and enthusiasm of the preparer is to compile the settlement of the guaranteed settlement preparer's work attitude is one of the main factors affecting the quality of settlement preparation, in the settlement preparation process, if the preparer holds the idea of counting more or less has nothing to do with me, only for other personnel or departments to provide information passive calculation, or incomplete data collection, lack of in-depth understanding of the scene, blind preparation, then its preparation results will be out of standard.

Therefore, we should strengthen the ideological and political education of workers to guide, so that workers set up the idea of ownership, cultivate their professionalism and love of the post. at the same time, the establishment of the necessary constraints and incentive mechanisms, the settlement of the preparation staff and specific projects combined, arrange for them to run the site, change the previous kind of sitting in the office by drawings to settle the situation. through the leadership of decentralization, to give the establishment staff a certain degree of responsibility, for the settlement of the establishment to create a relaxed environment.

Point. #6

It is necessary to collect the relevant information extensively in the course of the implementation of the construction project, on the one hand, it can guarantee the completeness of the settlement preparation content, on the other hand, it can guarantee the smooth progress of the settlement audit work, so as to avoid too many doubts and contradictions during the audit. to this end, the contractor should pay attention to the collection of information in the following areas.

  1. The project contract, it is the most fundamental and direct basis for settlement preparation, because the scope of the project contract, the rights and obligations of both parties, price settlement methods, risk allocation, etc. are thus decided, in addition to the settlement of which cost items can be included or adjusted, how to calculate are also based on this. <
  2. Drawings and drawings triage records, it is to determine the bottom and contract price of one of the basis.
  3. Bid offer, contract price or original budget, which is the basis for the adjustment of related costs after changes in practice or adjustments to additions and decreases.
  4. Change notice, project shutdown report, supervision engineer instructions, etc.
  5. Construction organization design, construction records, original bills, image progress and on-site photos.
  6. The relevant quota, cost adjustment document provisions.
  7. After examination and approval of the completion drawings, project completion acceptance documents, completion reports. the above information in the construction project management, divided into different management departments and personnel, from the whole construction project management, the project department should be integrated arrangements, reasonable division of labor, to ensure the integrity of the information, at the same time should be provided to the settlement preparation department or personnel in a timely manner, to ensure that these information in the settlement can play its due role.

Point. #7

Careful analysis, do not miss items, settlement preparation is prone to one of the errors is the leakage, leakage means that the loss of income. in order to prevent this | examination| the | points of the construction station of the university |, the author, through the analysis and summary of the settlement work, thinks that the contractor should consider the following according to the specific implementation of the project.

  1. Cost adjustments due to policy changes. such as indirect rate changes, changes in material difference coefficients, labor wage standards, machinery class unit price changes.
  2. Bidding according to the regular calculation, settlement needs to be truthfully adjusted costs. such as large machinery entry and exit fees (what type of specifications of machinery into the field how many times, etc.), wall reinforcement, a water supply and electricity charges deduction.
  3. Design changes, visas, supervision instructions, etc. lead to increased costs (the part of the contractor's initiative). this includes an increase in its own workload and the increase in costs (also available as claimed costs) as a result of the impact on other work. local increases in floor and floor areas, for example, can lead to increased scaffolding and vertical transportation costs.
  4. Construction claims costs. the contractor's loss is caused by the contractor's failure to perform its contractual obligations or by the risk that arises at the contractor's expense. such as the contractor to deliver drawings technical information, sites, roads and other time delays, and exploration reports do not match the geological situation, the adverse climatic conditions (floods, wars, earthquakes), the owner delayed payment of the project, third-party reasons caused by the contractor's loss (such as design, designated subcontracting), a material defects, design errors caused by construction losses.
  5. The contract provides for the relevant incentive costs: such as early completion award, rush measures, quality award.
  6. Due to changes and deletions, resulting in the original concessions part of the refund fee.
  7. Visa-related costs, such as sporadic employment.

In the current bidding, in order to win in the competition, the contractor generally has to be in the normal calculation of the cost | examination | building station | on the basis of a certain preferential conditions, and when the owner changes resulting in a reduction in the amount of works or partial deletions, the settlement in addition to deducting the corresponding costs, should pay attention to add the original concessions and losses.

Point. #8

The correct handling of public relations, is an important means to do a good job of settlement settlement is the result of a combination of factors. to do a good job of settlement, the contractor should, in addition to taking full account of their own factors, should correctly handle the relationship with other relevant units and personnel, including the owner unit, supervision, design, cost consulting and other units. 


Contractors should establish the necessary economic contract relationship with them according to the organizational structure relationship determined in the implementation of the project, establish friendly and cooperative relations in their work, cooperate with each other in all aspects, support each other in all aspects, be honest and trustworthy in the performance of the contract, establish a good self-image, so as to lubricate the settlement links, in order to do a good job of settlement to create a good external environment.

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