Thursday 16 December 2021

Project QMS for departments



First, before the start of the technical bottoming system before the start of the sub-project, the competent engineer must carry out technical exchange with all construction personnel, to clarify the design requirements of the project, technical standards, positioning methods, geometry, construction methods and precautions, so that all personnel in a thorough clear knowledge of the construction object under the circumstances of the construction.

"Five do not work", "three do not hand over" system

Adhere to the "five do not build", "three do not hand over" system. "five not construction" that is: no technical bottom not construction, drawings and technical requirements are not clear not construction, measuring piles and materials without change of hands composite construction, materials without certificate or test unqualified people do not work, the project without inspection does not work. "three non-handover" that is, no self-inspection records do not hand over, no professional acceptance of the acceptance of the non-handover, construction records are not all hand over.

Strict concealed

Engineering inspection visa system where is a hidden project, first by the construction team, the project department quality inspection personnel step by step self-inspection, self-inspection qualified, please supervise the engineer to check, the inspection results are not qualified to re-process and then check. the upper process is not qualified, not allowed to enter the next process, to ensure the engineering quality of each process.

Measurement calculation data change

Review system measurement data shall be reviewed by change of hands and finally submitted to the project chief engineer for examination and approval by the supervising engineer. on-site measurement baselines, level points and related signs are regularly retested for inspection.

Strict "tracking and testing" system the inspection work will be carried out according to the three ways of "construction follow-up inspection", "re-inspection" and "sampling".

Strict acceptance system of raw materials, finished products and semi-finished products to be organized by quality inspection engineers for acceptance. the personnel participating in the acceptance include the quality, technology, material department and construction team personnel. acceptance includes:

(1) whether the variety, specifications and quantity of inbound goods conform to the procurement plan;
(2) whether the supplier's product certificate or inspection report is complete; (3) on-site quality inspection, and fill in the inspection and acceptance records;
(3) sample for the test, and fill in the test report.

According to the acceptance procedures after receipt of classified storage, do a good job of marking and keep samples. quality inspection records and test reports should be kept with the sample for reference. the management system for inspection and acceptance of non-conforming raw materials, finished products and semi-finished products shall be strictly formulated and implemented.

Improve the storage system of raw materials, finished products and semi-finished products to be classified, stacked in batches, and set up marking and account cards, adhere to the use of the port of safekeeping, distribution, not mixed. for vulnerable items to do a good job of rain, moisture prevention work.

Raw materials procurement planning system

Raw material procurement shall be formulated with procurement construction drawings and technical development. plan. the procurement plan according to the overall construction schedule, engineering materials (including construction materials) and facility procurement documents proposed by the technical department include the following:

(1) project name, site of use of the project, specifications, quantity, time and price requirements;
(2) quality assurance specifications and standards stipulated in the construction contract;
(3) the requirements of the technical specifications for engineering tenders;
(4) conditions of transport and delivery;
(5) quality identification and inspection methods.

Develop a comprehensive purchase order according to the purchase plan, select suppliers, and schedule the place and date of delivery.

The inspection

System of instruments and equipment measurement instruments, test equipment, instruments and measuring instruments shall be regularly inspected in accordance with the provisions of the measurement law of the people's republic of china. newly acquired and in-use instruments for metering equipment can only be used after obtaining a valid certificate of conformity. the construction site has a special person responsible for the measurement work, the establishment of account card file supervision and inspection. the equipment shall be managed by a designated person in the site laboratory.

The system of accumulation and preservation of raw materials each unit of the project (buildings, structures) shall prepare a complete set of quality assurance documents and records.

Documents include:

(1) quality assurance plan;
(2) working procedures;
(3) technical standards, specifications; and
(4) technical requirements for procurement.

Records include:

(1) baseline point, level measurement and acceptance records;
(2) construction section measurement records;
(3) inspection records of construction processes and projects;
(4) test identification records of tanning, steel and various raw materials; and
(5) prefabricated component inspection records and factory certification;
(6) concealed engineering acceptance records;
(7) non-conforming product records (quality accident reports) ;
(8) review and processing results records;
(9) displacement settlement observation records. as well as correspondence documents on quality issues and a complete set of design modification notices.

The quality inspection engineer shall compile all the engineering quality assurance documents and records and hand them over to the owner upon completion. at the same time, maintain a complete record of documents, and in accordance with the provisions of the file.

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