Sunday 5 December 2021

These qualities can move up any project manager



Embrace uncertainty

People hate uncertainty because there are unpredictable risks behind it.

Where as project manager, anytime, anywhere have to face such a situation.

From project start and you don't know what kind of unexpected situation you're going to encounter until the project is delivered.

Instead of worrying all day, choose a hug with the right attitude.

Project managers who can achieve great things have different options when it comes to risk.

They don't necessarily have a greater ability to take risks, but they do have the initiative to take the initiative to address uncertainty.

The internet industry has a "35-year-old" law, said, to a certain age, will feel panic.


For fear of losing.

People to middle-aged, there are old and young have small, endless car loans and mortgages, simply dare not leave.

The risk of being fired can arise at any time.

For project managers who can make big things, they can actually panic and worry.

But they think more, how to make their own advantages to play more? how to improve your irreplaceable.

They take the initiative to learn, knowledge about their profession, business related to their industry.

In the face of uncertainty, they choose to embrace actively rather than wait for passive domination.

Good at self-reflection

Many people don't want to try things outside of their ability because they're afraid of making mistakes.

They think it's a shame to make a mistake and make their bosses and co-workers feel like they can't do it.

But project managers who can make big things don't think so.

In their view, making mistakes is a great opportunity to grow up, because you can improve yourself.

They will learn from their mistakes so that they can do better next time.

If someone says, "you did something wrong, you can't do it."

They will be generous to admit it.

Because they know that people grow up in mistakes,

As long as the constant reflection and summary, can always improve themselves, make themselves stronger.

Not afraid of making mistakes, good at insanity, such a person, no ceiling.

Extreme self-discipline

Reputedly Steve jobs when i was young, i got up at four in the morning and finished my day's work by nine o'clock...

Jobs said: where does freedom come from? from self-confidence, and self-confidence comes from self-discipline.

Self-discipline is self-control, self-confidence is control of things.

Learn to restrain yourself and control your life with a strict schedule,

In order to continue to hone self-confidence in this self-discipline.

Those who can achieve great things are extremely self-disciplined,

They manage their work, their diet, their hobbies, their desires...

A project manager who can make a big deal is bound to have complete control over his job.

Make plans, write weekly reports, monthly reports, year-end summary, prioritize, today's events, balance their own time management system ...

They will use every means to achieve the result that they "must find a way to accomplish it".

Embrace uncertainty and improve your ability to cope with risks;

Good at self-reflection, admit their own shortcomings only have more room for progress;

Extreme self-discipline, control of their own time and life, in order to be more free.

I hope we can all continue to grow, for the best in mind.

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