Sunday 5 December 2021

6 Stages of Project Manager Growth

We say project manager not only is there a unique quality, the project manager is also graded.

Project managers are not only at one level, but also at all levels. like any other profession, project managers need a process of growth. i've written a book before.promotions - from project managers to millions of working elites, i wrote this book mainly because a lot of people asked me what the career path for project managers was.

The project management of the followers.

through our knowledge and learning of project management, we need to first project management, approved project management, so we call the followers of project management.

The practitioner of project management.

First of all, their own project management is this fanatical belief, and then optics, light like is not good, must be able to practice. when we can move towards practice in the enterprise, we gradually become practitioners. in the practice process of continuous improvement and growth, when we can in the enterprise in accordance with the project management approach to manage the project, we called in.

At this time from coordination to management, the relevant positions will also change. changed from junior project manager senior project manager。

Passionate leader.

And then this project is divided into big challenges small, big challenges we generally call project sets or project groups,change category projects, strategic projects, large integration projects, large engineering projects, this kind of project to the project manager's personal ability, experience, all aspects of the requirements will also be very high. 


This stage, as more people are brought in and his goals are more and more blurred, he is increasingly inclined to become a leader and a middle- and upper-level management style. in the first few stages, the general project manager's management is partial to the grass-roots managers, but at this stage, the large project cluster has become a middle-level manager's way of thinking. so in this case, more from management to leadership.

The second stage to the third stage is to coordinate the direction of management, become a manager, to the fourth stage is management to leadership. we all know that management and leadership are not the same, management is based on the existing framework of order to manage everyone, and leadership is i can organize everyone from the heart to follow me to do a challenging thing, by passion and vision, become a leader.

The operation of the operator.

from leadership to management. doing a good project and doing a good group of projects, and then our enterprises continue to grow, this is not the same, standing in the operator's point of view to think about the problem, and standing in a project leader's point of view to think about the problem is not the same. project leaders are best at taking everyone to break through the project,operators

What is it? 


Operators are city-keeping, we are not enough on the basis of the success of the original project, to a large group of projects sustained development, through the continuous success of this new project, so that our own enterprises, so that our organization becomes more powerful. based on the strategic guidance, can take into account the various trade-offs in the process, into a business operator. so a lot of project management department head PMO general manager he is actually going in this direction.

The concept of mission is to say that we actually turn project management into a lifelong career, and in the process, more and more like a preacher. we like project management, we believe in project management, we want to become a project management preacher and communicator, we want to help more people to learn project management, can use project management. 


We want to help more companies and industries build their own project management capabilities, making his project management capabilities his core competencies, including helping our country build our project management capabilities.

In this process, in fact, we need to adhere to, need to have faith, need to overcome all kinds of difficulties, need to improve the project management. not only do you say you're doing a good job, you have to be able to speak, we have to coach others to spread it. so this time it's biased towards one preacher this process actually requires a sense of mission.

The above is my own summary, the project manager of one of his growth path of six stages.

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