Sunday 5 December 2021

How Project Manager can cultivate overall view of project management?

Recently, a new project manager asked me, "what is the overall project perspective?" he said, seeing our article mention the "project overall view" several times, because of his inexperience, he can not accurately understand the "global view" is what it is?

The concept of "project management as a whole" is a bit macro and doesn't sound like a "decent ability", even if someone realizes the importance of that ability and doesn't know how to develop it. even, there are many people think that the overall view, leadership, these abilities in the work is difficult to develop. today i'm going to talk to you about what it is project management a global view? how can you form a global view of the project in your work?

what is a project global perspective?

First, we understand the work ideas of the next management project. the criterion for the success of project management is the delivery of a real project, which not only pursues production capacity and efficiency, but also evaluates the quality of products, and tests the technical ability of the project manager while testing the management ability. therefore, it is not easy to do a good job of project management.

As we all know, a complete project process covers five process groups: startup, planning, execution, monitoring, and closing. instead of running only once, the five process groups end up looping through the project. this requires the project manager, must master the project management process steps, in order to grasp the independent project ideas and path.


once you have set the project goals, it is essential to start the first step in all your work and identify the foundation of the project stakeholders, project objectives, and key project leaders.


at this stage, the project manager defines the scope of the project, identifies available resources, understands the timeline, identifies key milestones, assembles the team, develops the initial plan, and adapts to the actual situation. assign a task, set progress, and other work content. as the project leader, the project manager ensures that the tasks assigned to individuals are in line with member capabilities, measurable, and capable of monitoring the progress of the task in real time.


problems of one kind or another arise during the implementation phase of the project, and ensuring the smooth progress of the work is at the heart of the process. the project manager needs to pay special attention to three areas:

1. Focus on team management

managing the team well is an important means to ensure the orderly conduct of the work, not only to make the team cohesive, but also to make the right decision-making and analysis of the work;

2. Strengthen communication and collaboration

a project involves multiple departments and multiple links, whether within the team or cross-departmental cooperation, the project manager should strengthen communication and collaboration to ensure that the team process is smooth.

3. Modify or adjust the work plan

modifying the adjustment plan is also an essential part of the project implementation process, around the project objectives and resources, according to the actual situation to adjust or change, so that the project implementation of less detours and efficient promotion.


The monitoring link is the project is to control costs, resources and quality supervision, the project is expected to progress. as the saying goes, everything is difficult to start with, and the project may not make much progress immediately, but then start supervising the team's work, even to the individual, which is beneficial to identify problems in advance and avoid risks.


In addition to reporting, the project results need to be analyzed and recorded, and writing down the summary is the most critical matter in the closing phase of the project. experience can only be internalized if the effect of the project is thoroughly and carefully analyzed.

The project manager acts as the lead of the whole project, the daily work is very complicated, from meeting, summary plan, understand the progress of the work, monitor the progress, check the work gaps, run in all kinds of meetings, and discuss the needs with customers ... all links are inseparable from the project manager, pressure and work load imagined. it is precisely because of the complexity of the work, the responsibility is greater, it is more necessary to cultivate the overall view of the project, that is, in the project management process, to "by the point and line, by the line and face" to consider the problem comprehensively.

Project management ideas are more interesting things in the project work, first cut the whole project into "start-plan-execute-monitor-close" 5 processes, each process group has a separate work module, and then in each link, event, to "start-plan-execute-monitor-close" steps to work, and constantly cycle. the project manager who has just entered the line, has no clear understanding of the project management ideas, which is equivalent to no overall view of project management, and naturally there is no way to realize the significance of each step in the specific work.

Master the process and develop a holistic view

project management process each link, there is a need for its existence, not only can help us to carry out the project planning and implementation, but also on this basis to continuously improve and improve, but also reflect the learning thinking path. each specific process of the project has its own independent work module, after the establishment of the project global view, it can be clear its position and significance in the whole link, and grasp the things to be done.

there are many books on project management that we have been exposed to, but the textbook-like process is not suitable for all projects, because each project is different, and as a project manager you must know how to do it crop 

Project management process, as shown in the figure:

Initial formation of a global view, master the project management specific process, at this time we have a deeper understanding of project management, but the improvement of capacity still needs to be accumulated bit by bit. the project manager is the actual "co-coordinator" of the whole project process, not only to have a global view, but also to grasp the overall progress of the project and effectively promote, including:

  1. At the beginning of the project, there is a need for a reasonable allocation of specific work of the project personnel. the division of labor in project management is clear, different companies, different projects, will have different difficulty. therefore, the project manager must first understand the general situation of the project and related risks, but also to understand the professional competence of the project team members, according to the ability specifically assigned to the corresponding work.
  2. During the project process, there is a need to follow up on the progress of the project. if the project team on-site found that the problem can not be solved, need to timely summary report  to the superior, some project team members lack of ability to work, or poor work attitude, need to be pointed out in a timely manner, and help them solve the problem, correct attitude, do not affect the progress of the project.
  3. In the course of project implementation, it is necessary to summarize the project situation and important data in a timely manner, to communicate the problems found in the course of the work with team members in a timely manner, and to arrange the later work.
  4. Control of project risk, always throughout the project process, put the work of each link in place, difficult and timely communication model to ensure that the project is completed within the specified time.

The project manager is a key factor in the success of the project, how to carry out the project work, how to advance the project, is the project manager needs to do. project management experience and leadership all need to be built up slowly, but if you have a holistic view and understand the role that the project manager plays in the project as a whole, you can get the job done better.

Finally, what i want to say is that just starting out as a project manager is like entering a foggy forest where you can only see nearby. all the learning process is like this, the beginning of a mess, with the growth of experience, slowly open the clouds, only have a certain experience, can see the overall situation.

This article is my understanding of the overall view of the project, we have different views welcome to contribute. code words are not easy, i hope you more encouragement, respect for the original, washing, plagiarism is not a good strategy for development, like to contact us to reproduce!

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