Friday 31 December 2021

There are several ways to return a project

The way and main content of the project return visit - : return visit mode 1, telephone inquiry, meeting discussion, six months or a year of routine return visit .2, summer key return visit roof and waterproof engineering and air conditioning engineering, wall waterproofing, winter key return visit heating project .3, new materials used in the construction process, new technology, new engineering, new equipment engineering, return visit effect or technical status .4, special ...


What are the main forms of engineering return visits:

1) routine return visits. Generally in the form of telephone inquiries and talks, semi-annual or annual, to understand the daily use and user comments; Return visit before the expiration of the warranty period, the item warranty summary, to the user account maintenance and use matters .

2) seasonal return visit. Return visits to roofing and drainage works, refrigeration works, ventilation works during the rainy season; Winter return visit boiler room and heating works, timely solution of the quality defects occurred.

3) technical return visit. Mainly understand the use of new materials, new technologies, new processes, new equipment in the construction process of the project, return to its use of the effect and technical performance, status, in order to solve the existing problems in a timely manner, but also sum up experience, put forward the basis for improvement and promotion.

The form of engineering return visit by the construction unit is divided into ( )

C answer analysis: the project after completion acceptance and delivery of use, in accordance with the relevant provisions, in the warranty period and warranty scope, the construction unit should take the initiative to return to the project, the way of return visit generally has seasonal return visit, technical return visit and warranty before the expiration of the return visit three forms.

What are the ways in which engineering projects are returned?

Technical return visits What are the ways of garden engineering return visits: (1) seasonal return visits (2) technical return visits; (3) return visit before the expiration of the warranty period; (4) The daily management

and maintenance of greening projects What are the forms of return visits after the completion of the house? : Generally, you should visit back to your home, or you can do a written return visit. Home visits are the main form, written return visits are auxiliary forms.

There are several ways to return the project: take civil housing as an example: 1, whether the roof is leaking; 2, whether the window sill is leaking; 3, bathroom and kitchen pipe and ground combination of whether there is leakage; 4, whether there is due to uneven settlement of the house caused by the deformation of doors and windows (e.g. doors and windows closed, etc.); 5, whether the wall is cracked; 6, whether there are cracks in the ground, and judge whether the normal cracks; 7, whether the lighting wire is a phenomenon of light and dark (loose wiring); 8, leakage switch is sensitive; 9, UPVC water pipe cracking leakage; 10, the outer wall brick has come off; 11, outdoor overall whether there is pour water 12、......

What are the contents of the project return visit? :

(1) Understand the use of the project, use or post- production engineering quality variation. (2) Listen to the views of all parties on the quality and service of the project. (3) Understand the use of "four new" use of the effect. (4) To the construction unit after the warranty period of maintenance and use of recommendations and precautions. (5) Deal with legacy issues. (6) Consolidate good collaborative relationship. (1) Understand the use of the project, use or post- production engineering quality variation.

Engineering machinery telephone return tips: I think it is to understand what the customer needs, and then give my work within the scope of responsibility for help, do not agree to the customer too many requirements, because can not meet him, and offend him. General customers most need is the company's after-sales service and spare parts can arrive in time for maintenance and so on. Of course the price is also the most important, who is cheap he must buy with who ah. There is quality, the lifeblood of construction machinery, quality is not mixed up, reputation is over.

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