Thursday 30 December 2021

The skills of the project manager's work

The project manager should have some important skills to get along with people: impact, delegation, negotiation, and communication.

(1) impact

the project manager's authority is usually delegated by senior leaders in the project organization, which we call "legitimate authority." "however, project managers tend to have little power, often from respect for their experience, past achievements, persuasiveness and thorough and decisive decision-making skills, i.e. influence." sometimes the project manager's "influence" is even more effective in the project organization's leadership than the project manager's authority. 


"Therefore, the project manager should pay attention to developing other forms of power of his or her own, constantly enhancing the "expertise power" that he or she has developed as a result of his or her expertise, or the "joint power" gained with more powerful people in the organization, or the "political power" that is developed by gaining the support of colleagues and superiors. to increase your impact on the project team and gain the support of all project organization members.

(2) authorization

as with impact, empowerment is an important competency for project managers. empowerment defines the position and role of members of an organization in the process of achieving goals, and delegation is a process that selects the right people and gives them the right authority to make decisions and take action within the right framework.


Authorization can enable project managers to get away from daily chores and deal with global and strategic issues, and also make full use of the talent resources of project members to improve the speed and scientific decision-making effective measures. 


Successful delegation should be based on a full understanding of project members, identify the content, time, cost and outcome requirements of the delegated force, and establish appropriate control mechanisms to ensure that the delegation operates within the right scope. however, delegation of authority does not amount to delegation of responsibility, and the project manager must remain responsible for the entire project.

(3) Negotiate

Negotiation is the process of reaching an agreement or compromise with others while meeting the requirements of the project. 


The project manager  need to negotiate all aspects of the project, such as resources, time, quality, procedures, costs and personnel. in negotiations, the result is always more favorable or unfavorable to one party than to the other. a good project manager must be a good negotiator, trying to minimize the benefit gap between the two parties to avoid contradictions.

(4) Communication

Regular and effective communication is the smooth running of the project, to obtain suggestions to improve the work of the project, to maintain customer satisfaction assurance. the project manager should have good communication skills and communicate in a timely, truthful and clear manner through multiple channels to gain a clear understanding of the project's expected objectives, gain mutual trust and work together within the project team.

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