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The role of the project manager in large-scale project management

This article author combined with their own experience to talk about the role of project managers in enterprise information construction projects and project operations, for your reference, i hope to help everyone's work. the author has the honor to participate in the project operation of  telecom and other larger groups, the article is from the author's own point of view and experience summary of some problems, deficiencies please the vast number of peers to point out, so as to throw bricks to lead jade with a view to and the vast number of peers to work together to make progress.

Order: large projects in this paper is defined as enterprise information construction customers are well-known and the project amount is large. in our country, can sign a large project is part of the grass-roots class more professional service and quality and industry customers to win, but generally signed such a large project for software developers can not be the same code at both ends of the balance, so sales staff in order to be able to sign such a large single generally have to promise or promise some beyond the company's current strength and technical level of demand, because there is no competition opportunity. such bitter-fruit programmers, even if they complain a lot, still have to work overtime to achieve it. (think of foreign manufacturers to do china's market is really cool, domestic customers all listen to their words)

At present, domestic software companies rely on wholesale products to make a lot of money very little, such as king dee and friends also rely on signing large projects to develop, so the success or failure of large projects and efficiency directly affect the company's operations costs and profits and everyone's salary income. 


Because the unequal treaty was signed at the beginning, the choice of the project manager directly determines the success or failure of the project and the benefits. there are two kinds of project managers, one is gilded for themselves, that is very glorious and happy thing, because the cost and staffing are very adequate. 


The second is very responsible and want to be a successful project manager, will do very hard, tired half dead. how to let the early acceptance of the project let the leader rest assured that let subordinates happy and relaxed is the project manager's constant attention.

Body: in the light of their own experience, talk about the project manager in the actual operation of the project when the two key points three avoidance and four attention. hope that the actual work of everyone will be helpful!

Two key points

first, how to accept the project as soon as possible, for the company and the team to create more profits, for subordinates to bring more benefits.

Second, bring back the disadvantages of inequality between the two sides

This is a very critical psychological expectation in the project, because the early signing of the contract puts the developer at a disadvantage, the customer from the moment you enter the market naturally press you on the momentum, if you are at a psychological disadvantage for a long time, the risk of project failure is very high, because the people in large companies have a kind of thing after they will think it is their responsibility to push clean, if you get stuck with their relationship, the project later work will be very difficult, the top of the company is thinking about changing the project manager, because the customer is really god, the boss is afraid to offend people you offend the consequences of everyone knows what will happen. 


The author initially spent more than a month dealing with them to let the whole team in the professional performance is expert and experienced, because the customer is a large company, technical resources are very rich, they understand a wide range, but also know deep, so to seize the opportunity and their exchanges, especially non-working hours, first you have to recognize him, and then let him feel his professional, and then you in the right opportunity in some respects to naturally and without trace to show you know more professional, of course, not less. disadvantage board back, later they will pay attention to the weight of your speech, can point out which needs are unreasonable, which microsoft is not able to do.

One, avoid too many things messy


Large projects also mean that there is more demand, more people involved, how to ensure the progress of the project, avoid too many things, too many demand points lead to the final project out of control, that is, the project team overtime to do a lot of work, but finally found that nothing is done, customers do not recognize, leadership is very anxious, subordinates are very disappointed, you are depressed situation. inevitably, there will be many requests and modifications in the course of the project, how to quickly grasp these needs to come up with the right and feasible solution is the project manager's first consideration. 


Don't forget that there are time limits on the project contract, and how to complete the project well within the time frame is the key. 


Denying the demand of boycotting customers is certainly not, and taking care of the whole will only make the project bigger and bigger, and the project team will work overtime every night. the author's practice is generally recorded as a written document, and then according to the actual situation to propose what to do now, which not to do for the time being, which to the second or third phase of work to consider, and ask them to confirm. 


This set of methods is commonly used by the author, i hope that the project managers in the project operation process has practical help.

Second, avoid too many personalized needs

This is the biggest headache, because the customer is a large company, the meeting endless, each meeting is very formal, and the customer does seem to be very formal, the relevant system documentation related personnel and department-level managers and even senior leaders will be invited to the conference room to talk to you about needs, each manager will have their own department characteristics and needs, how to respect their views and maintain their own thinking is very important. 


The author early to participate in such a meeting is also very listen to the customer's words, the process of program implementation is very painful, after many times, the author suggested that project managers to ensure that highlight your professional knowledge and experience, do not be confused by the position of customers, because they are very rich experience, but in the professional, especially in software you are experts, and they put forward the characteristics of various departments in reality, and did not require software must be implemented. 


So the scene must remember, do not promise too soon, the author later formed a mantra, we go back to study the discussion and then determine.

Third, to avoid the phenomenon of people floating in the matter

There are phenomena in large companies where how to get your project team members to minimize such consumption as the project progresses is a concern for the project manager. the phenomenon of big companies kicking the ball is heard by everyone, so what you can do as a project manager is how to do a good job in advance and avoid blame after a problem, because then you will find that no one has anything to do with it, it's your fault. 


So complain less and prepare as much as possible in advance. the most common method of the author is to indicate in the demand statement (in practice, non-early complete demand statement) that this is someone's proposal, and what our opinion is, you do not expect him to sign, a demand point if you want to wait for him to confirm the signature you wait two weeks.

four notes

first, pay attention to internal unity, mutual help and a high degree of enthusiasm to ensure that the project move forward quickly.

Miss project unity, which is the cornerstone, whether in the needs of discussion and analysis, or the development process and the project internal testing, we are united, and constantly put forward their views together to communicate, in the shortest possible time to refine and clarify the problem, greatly shorten the development cycle. 


Maintaining the high level of enthusiasm of the project team members allowed the project to break through and meet the expected requirements, which is the project manager's really important job. in the course of the project operation, don't forget that the project team is not alone, behind the company's resources don't forget to use.

Second, pay attention to the strict control of project progress

This is the old growth talk, the core or "people's month myth", in the existing staffing and resources on how to control the progress of the project, this is all the project managers are also the company's leaders most concerned about the matter. because the progress of large projects to control the deviation, a lot of unexpected things in the later stage will make you anxious. therefore, the necessary meetings or to open, summary and arrangement of work is a weekly must be carried out, the author was the work summary work arrangements and demand discussion strictly separate, even if the participants are the same. 


Because demand discussion needs analysis is sometimes bottomless hole, some of the implementation is difficult, at this time in the meeting must pay attention to control direction to encourage everyone to speak enthusiastically at the same time to ensure the direction of the theme. because the diffusion of demand and the difficulty of implementation will directly affect the progress of the project, many projects end up out of control, in part because demand is not grasped. 


The author a colleague responsible for a million-level project, more than half a year to sign the contract has not been completed, the company later mobilized all the callable technical personnel into the project team, make everyone tired, the biggest reason is that the customer's needs continue to spread leading to endless program development.

third, pay attention to do a good job in all aspects of the relationship

The project manager must first do a good job of your relationship with your leader, especially the relationship between the boss, you want to understand your boss's mood, he is hoping to do a successful big project and then start to expand, his heart than you pay more attention to the progress of the project, if something goes wrong he is more anxious than you, so remember to let your boss participate in the project, not because he does not understand the technology do not understand project management Just leave him alone. 


The author's approach is to write the work as a simple summary to the superior leadership, and then copied to BOSS, what plans to implement or adjust when the pre-do written materials sent to the leaders, then taboo is to report, so this plan I generally only send my immediate superiors, in the MAIL write in the plan formally drafted after asking him to transfer to the boss, the big thing is that he will be more than you expect the time to report to the boss, because only the boss good relationship, He will trust you, but also will continue to support you, otherwise some companies received a big project to fail, the company is not good on debt, so you need to understand that BOSS may be the future of the company on you. 


The next step is to do a good job of subordinate relations, they are to achieve the core of the work and the middle-class column, usually willing to spend some silver to invite them to eat and organize some sports activities, programmers are typical sub-health state, look at the programmer that is like three months pregnant stomach to know. 


Then it is necessary to do a good job of customer relations, in addition to verbal respect for them, the necessary silver is still to be spent, and it will take a special, because they also have a lot of dinner ah. So we understand why I want to do a good job and the relationship with the boss in the first place, otherwise these white flowers of silver, the boss does not sign, the project failed again, you lost the blood is not enough ah!

fourth, pay attention to the project acceptance of all links

this is everyone's concern, especially the boss's most concerned about the issue, sometimes you don't look at his appearance is very calm, not happy at all, my boss that day on the way to the bathroom on the humming song, this is not for several years. but to achieve such a task is not like small projects like the two sides interested in talking a day can be signed, large companies have their own set of acceptance standards, if according to their standards, you sell hardware is difficult, let alone software, and who signed on this after the problem who will be responsible, and the software is never 100% no problem. 


You see microsoft is not constantly upgrading and patch package. how to use the way both sides can accept the acceptance contract requires you to be prepared, the author is generally every month there will be a functional module to implement the list asked them to confirm that it is impossible to sign, the author's approach is to ask them to point out which is not completed or have opinions, so that the accumulation of time, the other side recognized your work, after his personal pass is passable, the back must be his superior and vice-president of the layer of control. 


Remember what must be achieved at this time , the new demand must not be promised to change, can be put in the late, and in the acceptance contract to indicate which is the new demand has not been completed, layer by layer to torture your temperament to test your patience, within two weeks to be able to sign even if it is smooth. 


There is also a big project experience of the brother has not noticed that the project acceptance signature is the highest and lowest level of the customer's name signed together, the middle management did a lot of behind-the-scenes work, so in the acceptance process do not forget to each of the customer's superiors to praise the performance of his subordinates involved in the project, when they are all meritorious when the last level of the opportunity to stay much less. 


Because the last pass did not pass, all efforts are in vain! hope that this article to the vast number of peers can have practical help, i wish you colleagues can be in the project acceptance of the celebration banquet more than two drinks.

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