Thursday 16 December 2021

Problems and solutions that novice project managers often encounter

Many people know less about project management when they first started as project leaders. encountered a lot of big problems do not know how to solve. here's a look at the issues that project managers often encounter in project management and how to solve them, and share their experiences with you.

The project team are newbies, how to ensure the quality of development?

The best way to solve the problem is to apply to the leader for more appropriate resources, let the leader arrange for you to arrange for several experts to participate in the project development. but in many cases, for various reasons, the company can not give you more support, project leaders to maintain a good attitude. it is normal for a novice to make some leaks due to lack of development experience. taking novices to do projects requires more guidance and more inspection.

In assigning development tasks as much as possible, in project management, the project manager uses gantt diagrams to develop project plans, splits them in detail, assigns tasks to team members, and then tries to tell developers how the features are implemented, and then asks them if they understand. when the task is completed, to check more, don't get too much trouble, check it again, than out of bugs, looking for problems, fix bug to pay a lot less cost.

Demand research how to do?

As a project manager, you first need to know your customers and understand their industry. many times customer demand changes are project research when the customer's ideas are not properly under under grasped. after all, customers are not professional, most of the time they can only tell you what you want, but how to achieve the needs, need project manager analysis, ask customers, communication and understanding. ask the customer why he needs this feature and what it can do for him during a requirements study. this can avoid a lot of early research due to inadequate resulting in a large number of late-stage modifications.

Difficult function should be given to inexperienced team members to develop?

Many times when faced with technically difficult development tasks, the technical-born project leader will think. this function should not be delegated to novice programmers. if you develop your own half a day, and the quality of the code is guaranteed. if assigned to an inexperienced team member to develop, the completion time may be two or three times their own, and the quality is not necessarily guaranteed.

As a project leader, is the manager of the whole project, can not encounter problems on the matter must be hands-on. everyone on a project team works according to their own functions. if the project leader spends his time writing code, it will inevitably affect his or her job. for novice programmers, writing complex code is a kind of experience accumulation, only the accumulation can grow.

The development process of the needs of change how to do?

There is a joke, the programmer is most afraid to hear the words are "demand has changed again." this seems to be a problem for the industry. first of all, we should do full communication with customers. confirm that this requirement really needs to change. then think about w if there are any other alternatives that can be solved. then ask the customer whether the change of demand can be put to the next period to complete. we then schedule changes to minimize the impact of changes in requirements on project progress.

The day of the emergency disrupted the original work plan how to do?

Everyone may have had this experience. it was originally planned today that a functional optimization scheme would be completed. just started to do in the morning, project members to find you to solve technical problems for him, after completion, came back to answer a consultation phone, the afternoon leader called you to go to a meeting, quickly off work when other department colleagues let you help. by the time you get to work, you find that you haven't done much of your work today.

In fact, a large part of project management is for the management of time. the project team members ask you to solve technical problems for them, you can first let the project team discuss, see if you can solve it on their own, discuss the results and then go into depth. for sudden meetings, set aside 1 hour of free time to schedule your work every day, and do some tomorrow's work if there are no unexpected events available for the day. for other department colleagues to find your help, you should first understand the cause of the matter.

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