Thursday 16 December 2021

Principles for the preparation of project plans

The principle of comprehensive project management planning 

  1. Rationality the rationality of the plan mainly refers to all the information and data based on the environmental analysis of the project. in the process of project implementation, we must pay attention to the relationship between project implementation and environment.
  2. Overall optimization principles the project planning process should address...

What are the principles of construction project management plan -

  1. Objective principle the project objective system is established through project design. the planning work is through the project work. tasks and activities carried out by personnel. resource. schedule to promote the realization of the project objectives. therefore. planning management has a strong purpose.
  2. Systemic principles the project plan itself is a system. by a series of sub-planning groups...

Principles of project planning

As an important stage of project management, the project plan plays an important role in the project, so in the development process should be in accordance with the overall objectives of the project, the master plan for detailed planning.

The plan document is approved as a work guide for the project. therefore, in the project planning process should generally follow the following six principles: (1) purposeful.

Briefly describe the principles of planning

  1. Rolling planning act - a method of regularly revising future plans. the rolling planning method is a planning method that combines short-term and medium-term plans by formulating plans over a period of time in accordance with the principle of "near-fineness and broadness" and then adjusting and revising future plans in accordance with the implementation of the plan and environmental changes, and moving backward on a phase-by-period basis...
  2. What are the principles to be followed in the preparation of the construction schedule - : the following for reference: 1, comply with the capital construction procedures;
  3. The pre-design should be appropriate to leave room to enhance the ability to resist construction risks, the implementation phase of the guiding construction organization design should reflect the average advanced level, the implementation of the construction organization design can be based on the level of enterprise management and technical equipment level and other reasonable arrangements for the duration, to encourage the harvest ...

What are the principles for developing a project plan?

Should not be too rigid in detail, the main purpose of this stage is to work out a project proposal that can be approved by stakeholders, the overall structure is accurate and instructive. the refinement of the program is a project that runs through the life cycle...

What is the basis for the preparation of the construction schedule?

View the full content content from the user: John first, the preparation of the overall construction schedule is based on

  1. Project contract and tender 1
  2. All design construction drawings and change negotiations for the project;
  3. Natural and technical economic conditions in the location of the project area;
  4. Engineering project design estimates and budgets...

What are the main principles for the preparation of construction schedules?

  1. Strict implementation of capital procedures, in accordance with national policies, decrees and relevant regulations and norms.
  2. To shorten the construction cycle, we should focus on research and take effective technical and safety measures to control the total construction period or projects threatened by flood.
  3. Before and after the construction procedures, handle the construction preparation project and the main project, the main project and individual projects, civil engineering and mechanical and electrical engineering, temporary engineering and permanent engineering, the relationship between different stages of engineering construction, so as to achieve reasonable convergence, less interference, construction balance.
  4. Adopt average advanced indicators and leave room for them.
  5. Give full play to the investment benefits under the premise of ensuring the quality of the project and the total construction duration.

What are the requirements for the preparation of the quality plan for the construction project?

The quality plan of the construction project shall meet the needs of the project site and meet the requirements of the contract documents, and its preparation shall meet the following requirements:

  1. After the signing of the construction contract, the quality planning and analysis should be carried out according to the characteristics of the project, and the preparation of the quality plan of the construction project should meet the requirements of the quality management system.
  2. The preparation of the quality plan of the construction project should be the control of the whole process or part of the process, which can generally be the system control process from the process to the itemization project to the divisional project. it is also the whole process from raw material input to the quality of construction projects to meet inspection and testing requirements.
  3. Quality plan of construction project has duality. the internal quality control and management should be carried out in accordance with the project quality standards stipulated in the contract as the basis for the quality management of the project construction; external is the construction quality assurance of a specific project, that is, the quality target achieved, and according to the quality management goal, as the basis for scientific and orderly construction management of the project.

Preparation of project implementation plan

The preparation of project implementation plan is not only an important basis for predicting and evaluating the financial and economic benefits of the project, but also a document to guide the implementation of the project, so the project implementation plan plays an important role in the whole project. the more complex the project, the finer the division of professional labor, the more the need for comprehensive integrated management and overall coordination of work schedule..

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