Wednesday 15 December 2021

How to improve the research and development project system?

At present, American enterprises face management challenges in research and development: how to establish research and development innovation system? how to build an efficient enterprise research and development system. 


As a successful enterprise, almost all have a more perfect project research and development management system. a good research and development management system plays a strong supporting role in the high-speed operation of enterprises and the continuous acquisition of competitiveness. 


Most enterprises have not established the corresponding concept of research and development innovation, research and development management is too extensive, simple, lack of a complete management system.

based on the current situation of American enterprises, this paper puts forward the construction of an efficient enterprise research and development system, which needs to be systematically planned and established from several aspects, such as product strategy, product development process, research and development organizational structure, research and development team, etc. the most critical of these is to architect a good product development process.

A good product development process can help implement the enterprise.

A consumer electronics supplier has six product lines, in recent years the company has to develop a clear product strategic plan, but the implementation of the poor implementation of the guidance role is not strong. its audio-visual product line manager is very distressed about this: 


"the company made it clear that the audio-visual product line is one of the company's key product lines, but why do some key products when the real start of development is always not guaranteed by resources?" ”


Like this product strategic planning and specific product development work "two skins", product strategy can not land the situation is still very common. in the review with enterprises, we found that it is not the enterprise's product strategic planning is not done well, the key lies in the specific product development is not linked with the product strategic planning, and to do a good job of this convergence. 

The product development process must be established to implement the product strategic planning mechanism, specifically including the following aspects:

1. Re provisioning is carried out through resource requirements and resource capacity analysis when product projects are being made or other phased decisions are made.

2. Conduct a product priority assessment, prioritize all products, prioritize, provision on a priority basis, determine which products to focus on and increase investment in? which products can be suspended or even cancelled, and from which products can resources be drawn?

3. Establish product priority evaluation criteria, qualitative or quantitative evaluation of product strategic role, product roi return, product risk, etc., and prioritize all products according to uniform criteria.

in the product development process to clarify these details, establish a complete system, templates, checklists, etc. , can really help to implement the product strategy into specific product development work.

A good product development process helps streamline the development organization structure.

An embedded software supplier, research and development department manager also plays the role of project manager, system engineer, because the company's marketing department is only responsible for product promotion and other work, new product planning no one is responsible, taking into account the current situation of the company's human resources, this part of the work is also assigned to the research and development department manager, so that the research and development department manager and part of the product manager functions.  

Company leaders also realize that such a multi-role is not possible, every job is not done well, but how to divide is difficult to decide. for this division of responsibilities, through the product development process, in the product development process to define clearly, in the end product manager, project manager, systems engineer should assume what work, the main content of these work, after the completion of what should be output, the nature of these work is similar. in the research and development system.


We will find that the enterprise research and development organization has the problem of unclear job responsibilities, lack of functions, for example, research and development department manager, project manager, product manager, project technical person in charge of the responsibilities are often difficult to clarify.

The job decomposition pattern determines the category of workers and affects the position settings of the organizational structure, which in turn takes into account the current job settings in the product development process. 


The process addresses the question of what to do to complete a business, how to break it down, organize it, and assign it to whom to do it. the organization solves the problem of how to divide the staff into organizational units of the nature of the work or the similar working relationship. 


Since the business process-related theory has been widely practiced in domestic and foreign enterprises, whether the process determines the organization or the organization decides the process has been debated, in fact, the process and the organization are two aspects of the matter, the two complement each other interaction.

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