Wednesday 15 December 2021

How to ensure the execution of project management

Determine the deadline for the completion of the task

once you've made a plan, you need to be very clear about when each task will be completed.

work-time estimation is the focus of project management, but also a difficult point, the estimation of working time is also a means of project tracking.

project managers can use project management tools to schedule project plans, specifically how many days, to meet the time frame requirements.

for example, a project is required by the company to be completed in 3 months. therefore, when planning is made, each task is given a deadline that requires project members to complete the task within a defined time frame, and there is a high probability of project delays without a clear time limit.

Clear responsible person, the implementation of responsibilities

for project control, it is important to set clear tasks, each of which corresponds to a clear responsible person.

there are several tasks in a project, and if responsibilities are not realized one-on-one, then by the time the project is implemented, some tasks do not have a definite responsible person, and project members will be pushing each other for responsibility.

therefore, the project manager should assign tasks to project members in a timely manner, try to make each task have a person in charge, rather than you run around, everything want to manage, nothing can be managed in time.

who is responsible for everything, in advance to make arrangements, instructions and standard confirmation, so that the progress of the project will not be disorderly.

Do a good job of supervision and inspection

What the project manager has to do is supervise and supervise the work, and do a good job in a timely manner.

Work is not arranged on the line, nor is it every day there are corresponding reports on the line. in order to make the specific project carry out more smoothly and the results more guaranteed, it is necessary to do a good job in the project promotion process supervision and inspection.

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