Wednesday 15 December 2021

How to enhance personality charm

The personality charm is the concentrated embodiment of a person's comprehensive literacy, which needs our unremitting enrichment and maintenance; project managers are the only way to "vibrant" personality charm by constantly honing themselves.

How a team can successfully accomplish the tasks or missions it undertakes, in addition to requiring team members to have a certain level of work ability, team members' dedication and cooperation is also critical. the project manager plays an important role in achieving the project team's objectives. 


The project manager should lead a good team, in addition to the team has scientific and reasonable rules and regulations, the project manager's personality charm is also the core. so how should the project manager of pm circle network improve his personality charm?

The project manager should continuously improve their own strength

The project manager's own strength, mainly refers to the business ability and management ability, but also includes interpersonal communication ability, judgment ability, decision-making ability, adaptability, etc. , these abilities are an important source of the project manager's charm.

a team has a strong leader who often gives team members a sense of security and confidence to win. as a project manager, their own ability, when leading the team will often be "reasonable" and bolder, because "strength will have the bottom."

The project manager should speak honesty

integrity is the charm of the book. as a team leader, the project manager needs to "believe in what he says and do what he does"; no one wants to work with a leader whose integrity is questionable.

The project manager should lead by example

leading by example is not to require the project manager to do things on his own, but mainly to ask the project manager to take the lead in implementing the team's rules and regulations. without the active support of subordinates, team productivity is bound to decline, performance is bound to decline, serious will lead to the team falling apart. the main reason for the lack of support from subordinates is often that team leaders cannot lead by example. only by practicing the style of work leading by example and becoming an example for subordinates to follow, can leaders receive their self-conscious respect and support.

Project managers should be fair and just

a smart project manager, will certainly adopt uniform standards and norms to treat people fairly and impartially, and only in this way can the support of the vast majority of the team members, and the support of the vast majority of the team members is the team's success and then an important guarantee of their own success.

The project managers should also have a caring and inclusive heart

The most effective way to "capture" people is to give love from the heart, positive and friendly tolerance. project managers need to develop the personality qualities of respect, understanding, and inclusion of subordinates in order to truly have the "heart" and having the heart means having everything, because "people" are the "source" of all miracles that can be created.

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