Wednesday 15 December 2021

How to manage project progress well for multi-projects at the same time?

When multiple projects are carried out at the same time, there are often problems such as project schedule, low productivity, project cycle stretch too long, and so on. so how to do a good job of project progress management in parallel with multiple projects? here are four ways to do it.

Put all the items in one place

When you spread all your project plans across different documents, spreadsheets, or tools, managing your project can be time-consuming and can lead to missing important information, and for teams, it can lead to duplication of effort because they don't know what others are doing. with project management tools, you can plan and manage multiple projects in one place and more easily track their progress.

Check and measure the workload

In project management, factors are interrelated, and failure to integrate and allocate limited resources effectively will inevitably affect progress. when assigning and managing work across the team, check that task assignments are fair and that no one is overloaded. focusing on a member's job saturation maximizes the performance of the member, keeps everyone focused and satisfied, and increases the productivity of the member. this process can be done through project management tools, such as ones' resource management capabilities. ones resource management helps teams effectively assess member job saturation

Track project progress

As the saying goes, planning is not as good as change, no matter how well planned, once the project is started, it needs to track the progress of the project before it is completed, identify and respond to new problems and risks in a timely manner, and ensure that the project is in a healthy state. 

The gantt diagram is an effective tool to track the progress of the project, but in the case of multi-project progress, it is difficult to grasp the progress of multi-project in different gantt.

Gantt diagrams in ONES Plan support direct import of all projects of interest in ONES Project to generate all project progress Gantt diagrams, having a global view of multi-project progress.

Focus on priorities

When multi-projects are on the go at the same time, it is particularly important to note the "priority" issue. in general, projects should be prioritized based on their impact on the company's goals, which ensures that the team's priorities are aligned with the company's goals and contribute to their achievement. after prioritization, this should be the case when allocating time and resources and dealing with risks.

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