Tuesday 14 December 2021

How do i write a risk forecast in a project research report

The risk forecast includes the following:

Market outlook risk forecast

Market forecast is the prediction of the market share possibility of the products or services provided by the proposed project, if we do not understand the market and its changing trend, the project construction will be in a blind state, only familiar with policy guidance and industrial conditions can avoid duplication of construction, in order to make rational use of limited resources, choose the best solution, make the best decision, play the best investment benefits. 


The huge market space does not represent the market share of investment projects, only through marketing research and market segmentation, the development of practical sales measures, can accurately identify the market opportunities suitable for the project products, and even create suitable for the product market opportunities, while the industry competitive situation and potential competitors research is also the key to market risk analysis.

Resources and raw fuel, power supply risk forecast

Resources usually refer to the natural natural objects that can be exploited and used, and can serve human beings, divided into renewable resources and non-renewable resources. the feasibility study stage of the construction project needs to attach great importance to the storage, exploitation or production, consumption and supply of raw materials. 


Otherwise, the shortage of raw materials after the completion of the project, enterprise production will result in rice-free cooking, and even the new project will have to start production in the future on the heavy loss of production, therefore, the construction project required resource name, reserves, grade, composition and supply location, must have the national (resources) reserves committee formally approved documents, and the maximum annual demand for the project. 


The possible supply of resources and the possibility of expanding supply in the future development will be carefully studied, the supply conditions of raw fuel and power required for the project, whether the mode of supply can meet the production needs of the project at the same time economically reasonable use, seriously implement, otherwise the project hasty start, it is likely to cause low-load operation of equipment, to bring irreparable economic losses to enterprises.

Technology process risk prediction

In the feasibility study report of the construction project, the selection of appropriate technology and technology is the key factor to determine the success or failure of the project, first of all to deal with the advanced technology, applicability, advanced technology is relatively speaking, advanced technology must be adapted to national conditions, and its supporting capacity, for mature advanced technology can be actively adopted, if the initial use of technology, the use of risks and difficulties may be carefully investigated, analysis of the pros and cons, reduce the loss of risky use.


Secondly, we should give full consideration to the feasibility of technology, if the construction project is to adopt domestic scientific research results, must go through industrial testing and technical appraisal, the reference to patented technology must pay attention to its effectiveness, avoid the introduction of invalid or non-patented technology as a patented technology. 


The safety and reliability of construction projects pose a threat, the advanced, applicability, feasibility of construction projects technology must be economic as a prerequisite, only reasonable input and output relationship, in order to obtain better economic benefits.

Funding risk forecast

For construction projects, financing is an extremely important economic activity, the state council issued "on fixed asset investment projects pilot capital system notice" for project financing set up a difficult barrier to entry. where the capital does not meet the requirements of new projects, the proportion of standards may not be approved, those "side construction, side financing" construction projects to put an end to the bud. 


The implementation of the capital of the construction project, the important source of funds for the construction project is bank credit funds, non-bank financial institution funds, foreign funds, etc., the financing risk is mainly reflected in the bank loan financing risk, stock financing risk, bond financing risk, lease financing risk, joint venture and the introduction of diplomatic financing risk, etc. 


To strengthen the prevention of financing risk of construction projects, we should focus on analyzing the stability of financing channels and strictly follow the principles of rationality, efficiency and scientific financing, fully consider the favorable conditions and disadvantages of financing, make good financing cost comparison, try to choose the financing channel with low capital cost, and reduce the risk of financing.

Layout security risk prediction

The site selection of construction projects must meet the requirements of industrial layout and urban planning, and close to raw materials, fuel or products mainly sold, close to water sources, power supply, transportation conditions and cooperative supporting conditions to facilitate economic, engineering geology and hydro logical conditions. 


To meet the needs of project site selection, the overall layout should be compact and reasonable, as far as possible to improve land use efficiency, in earthquake faults, mudslides and other direct hazards of the site, water conservation areas upstream, scenic areas or forest reserves, cultural relics, mineral deposits with mining value shall not be used as site selection land, industrial general layout should be in line with the country's existing fire prevention, safety, health, transportation and environmental protection ecology and other relevant standards, norms, according to local conditions to arrange factory buildings, structures, open-air yard, transport routes, public routes and greening facilities, objective, fair and scientific comparison of the two sites above the work, recommended the best site, in order to achieve better investment benefits.

The risk of feasibility study of construction project is much more than that, including: project management risk, environmental risk, human resources risk, force manure and other substantive risks throughout the construction project, with the process of global economic integration is accelerating, china's huge market space to attract well-known enterprises around the world to seize the beach, only to make adequate preparations, outstanding advantages can be invincible. 


Therefore, we must pay attention to the feasibility study of construction projects in a scientific and serious manner, because of the low level of repeated construction brought about by investment decision-making mistakes, excessive competition in small areas can be controlled from the source of the project, and only by strengthening investment risk prevention and avoiding investment traps can we avoid investment decision-making mistakes and reduce losses to maximize investment benefits.

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