Tuesday 14 December 2021

How does the project manager coordinate across departments in the face of the project?

First of all, it is very necessary to hold a start-up meeting before the official start of the project, that is, to inform stakeholders of the start of the work, but also to tell the relevant executives and support staff need to pay for the project. confirm the project plan and the need for the other party to support coordination of things. 


If the relevant person is not present, suggest to plan for the project, and will need the other party to cooperate with the work tasks and time requirements to be clear, copy the relevant stakeholders, if necessary, can organize a stage report or through the written stage report to inform the leadership of the project problems, risks and measures, please lead coordination.

In the process of new project development, from fixed-point start-up to project batch production, the project manager has absolute management and decision-making power. any progress on the project is reported not only to management, but also to project development team members. 


But in order to better coordinate to avoid ripping, for example: packaging, production ripping, for example, about the production of completed product inspection revenue library packaging must have agreed standards or standard samples (the sample must be approved by the customer), the sample inspection requirements, methods, status must be clearly defined or quantified in the document. both parties agree.

How does the project manager coordinate across departments in the face of the project?

in order for the new project to move forward better, the company should set a percentage of the project bonus based on the total sales of the project, the control of which is determined by the project manager. in this way can mobilize everyone's enthusiasm for better service and project development.

If the problem has already occurred. 



Identify specific problems listed interface class work, their respective requirements, as well as the support and feedback that their respective parties can provide, clear where the difference, the formation of interface work list.

Coordination committee to analyze and judge the issue of the person in charge, the parties, in charge of the leadership, sit down to talk about, how to divide these issues and cooperation. 


Specific issues such as repair review is not timely, that project department to participate in the process tracking, such as 1 day project department urged, 2 days to the management, problem layer upgrade, in the agreed time, the project department is the responsibility of the regulatory process, re-engaged in the project process.

The problem program implementation and monitoring process repeatedly smooth, the project department to participate in the implementation, tracking feedback.

Find key people, key issues, key issues communication meeting, coordination meeting, supervision meeting, mail, formal informal; clear responsibilities, avoid back pot.

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