Wednesday 14 April 2021

Estimates of Project Documents


A specialist who understands the estimates can make estimates,accompanying executive documents, as well as the examination of the calculation documentation. it is always in demand in any works:

  • General-building;
  • Special construction (road junctions and bridges, overpasses and underground facilities);
  • Editing
  • Start-up;
  • the rest (pile and earthen, cladding, roofing, electrical) in the construction area.
  • Each project is accompanied by an estimate that reflects the upcoming costs of materials and work.

The designer in the process of compiling the feasibility study of the project simultaneously prepares the estimated papers:

  • Cost summary
  • Local and object estimates
  • PIR calculations and research activities;
  • building components of the launch complex.
  • The working project includes local and object estimates, prices of building materials. It is possible to develop a costing of prices for installation and construction work, which are not included in the current collections.

The compilation of the estimates requires a specialist to know:

  • local estimates. We need individual works and costs based on volumes defined by work documents and drawings;
  • local estimates. They are working on when the upcoming costs are not determined and will be specified on the basis of the RD or during the construction of the facility.
  • In the process of compiling estimates, the specialist analyzes the design drawings of the structures, the physical volumes and methods of work. Data on individual works are combined for the structural elements of the object, taking into account the specifics of construction technology. Local calculations are divided into general construction works (laying, foundation, finishing, roofing, etc.), special works (isolation), sanitary and technical (ventilation, water supply and drainage), installation of equipment (buying and installing metal structures, technological pipeline, etc.).

Taking into account that the production of estimated documentation requires up-to-date knowledge and norms in construction, it is advisable to refresh the knowledge of the meters at the courses of estimates during a long break in professional activity. Distance training is designed for beginners and professionals and gives a complete picture of the estimated calculations of different species. The received knowledge will help to compete in the labor market and get a decent salary.

Cost of preparing estimated documentation

The preparation of the estimates in each case is assessed differently. Approximately, a specialist or company that develops estimates receives the following sums for services:

  • 1% of the estimated price of the object costing up to 1 million Dollar;
  • 0.7-1% of the estimated cost of objects, the construction of which costs 1-10 million Dollar;
  • 0.5-0.7 % of the estimated amount of facilities, the construction of which will cost 10-50 million Dollar;
  • 0.3-0.5% of projected projected costs for facilities, if the volume of investments is 50-500 million Dollar.
  • Making estimates for repairs costs 1% of the upcoming costs, if the defective statements and the collection of the volume of work the customer performs independently. If all the work falls on the estimate, the specified cost is multiplied by a factor of 1.5.

The cost of analysis and examination of the estimated documentation is estimated at 1% of the total estimate multiplied by a factor of 0.7, if the customer calculates the amount of work. If all tasks are performed by the estimator, the ratio rises to 1.1.

These rates are approximate for the general understanding, why to study the profession of estimator and become a sought-after professional in this field.

Cost-making services

In compiling the estimates, the executor and the customer work closely together to obtain the volume of upcoming works. The estimated engineer goes to the customer, accepts drawings, clarifies emerging issues, selects regulatory frameworks for the development of estimates:

The preparation of estimates for reconstruction and new construction requires analysis of design solutions with the designation of material resources. When an estimate for repairs is made, it is enough to analyze the defective statements, which indicate the brands of materials.

In addition to the estimates, the specialist develops executive documentation: COP-3 (reference on the cost of work done), COP-2 (act of work done), M-29 (statement on decommissioned materials), KS-6a (accumulation journal, which takes into account the work done). Another popular service is to recalculate estimates using indices at any level of prices under the required regulatory framework.

Training courses, in addition to these skills, will help to understand other issues, for example, in the development:

  • building components of the launch complex. The document is required only for those facilities, which are commissioned at the expense of the launch complex. The report contains the cost of all the facilities of the complex, the general site work and the costs of them. The statement is made on the form of consolidated calculations;
  • objects and conservation work. An estimate is required if environmental protection measures are planned during construction. The report contains a financial assessment of works and facilities related to environmental measures.
  • The estimate is made in a set sequence for objects under construction in an economic and contractual way.

It has knowledge of current legislation in construction, supporting software, price guides and other areas necessary in the work. All knowledge can be purchased on online courses of estimators.

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