Friday 22 February 2019

Statement of work - Examples & template for project

A statement of work (SoW) is a document describes specific activities, deliverables, timelines of a project. Actually, it may outline the scope of works and establish for the planning and successful execution of the project.

How to use statement of work in project management?

Using for task describe

  • This task defines the activities that will be performed under the Project Management Category

Defining Activities

  • Assign a dedicated Project Manager
  • Scheduling
  • Creation and maintenance of an internal Project Site for documentation and status information
  • Bi-weekly Status Reports, if necessary
  • Initiate Status Meetings as needed
  • Communication from the organization Project Manager to the supporting, associated, or external parties & Project Manager
  • Project Closing Meeting
  • Provide timely feedback to any and all Project Communication
  • Escalate issues and action items promptly to project management


  • Bi-weekly Status Reports, if necessary
  • Project Acceptance Document

Completion Criteria

This task is considered complete when the organization's Project Manager and the external party's Project Manager sign the Project Acceptance Document, completing the implementation of the project. 

Statement of work template

Statement of work template

What to include in statement of work?

Scope of Work:

Describe the work to be done to detail.  Specify the hardware and software involved and the exact nature of the work.

Location of Work:

Describe where the work must be performed.  Specify the location of hardware and software and where the people must perform the work

Period of Performance:

Specify when the work is expected to start and end, working hours, number of hours that can be billed per week, where the work must be performed, and related schedule information.

Deliverables Schedule:

List specific deliverables, describe them in detail, and specify when they are due.

Applicable Standards:

Specify any company or industry-specific standards that are relevant to performing the work.

Acceptance Criteria:

Describe how the buyer organization will determine if the work is acceptable.

Special Requirements:

Specify any special requirements such as hardware or software certifications, minimum degree or experience level of personnel, travel requirements, and so on.
Schedule of rates
Include fixed-rate costs for items such as equipment and hourly rates for employee time and service.


List any general assumptions regarding the project. Provide details about who will provide what materials, services, and information.

Change management process

Describe how to handle any changes to the project scope listed in the SOW. Detail how the changes will be addressed and implemented and how the associated costs will be handled.

Engagement related expenses

Detail how all expenses that incur as a cost of doing business for the project will be handled. Explain who will be responsible for what expenses.

Professional services agreement

Detail the general terms and conditions for services provided to your client. Include who owns the product once the project is complete and how maintenance or upgrades will be handled and billed in the future

Acceptance and authorization

Use the following format to create a signature page that confirms agreement of the products and services to be delivered, when, how, and for what price. Be sure to include any legal language as required by your company's legal representative. Get signatures of the client administrator, the Statement of Work author, and any other parties who are responsible for the SOW.

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