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Project Brief Template | Free Examples & Samples

A project brief template is document may contain brief details of the project tasks, objectives, deliverables, features, budget and timelines. Actually the template outlines scope of the project with important details in brief.

Objective of this document is a template for the creation of a project brief and extends support to make detailed project plan.  A project Brief allows management and the project team to better understand the costs, goals and boundaries before the project is approved and work commences. Once approved, the Brief gives formal authority to the project manager to carry out the work. This template may include following elements:

  1. Project Details
  2. Business Objective
  3. Description of Approach
  4. Stakeholders
  5. Timeline
  6. Project Cost
  7. Project Risks
  8. Project Resourcing
  9. Likely Training Requirements
  10. Project Dependencies
  11. Constraints
  12. Assumptions   
  13. Supporting Documents
  14. Project Commencement Sign-off
  15. Document Change Control

Project Brief Template

Project Brief Template

How to use this Project Brief Template?

Project details

Be sure to maintain a register of projects for your organizational unit.  Allocate a unique project number for approved projects

Business objectives

Describe the technical or business need for the project to be undertaken. Speak in terms of added functionality of possible savings. Include any significant business risks from the risk table below, including the risk of doing nothing.

Description of approach

A brief description of how the business objectives will be achieved in practical terms. Indicate what will and will not be done. Remember, if you get this in writing and get agreement from the client and management you won’t waste your time designing/delivering something that is not what was actually required. E.g. We will trial an upgrade of five desktops to office XP and if successful upgrade the remaining work-stations over a period of 2 months in time to be completed before Christmas.


List all the people/groups that will be impacted by this project and may need to have a say in the product design and implementation process. All stakeholders should sign the project Brief before work proceeds.


List the expected stages and approximate timings.  For Briefs just list the main stages.  For a project plan list all the activities. Eg. Where appropriate use Feasibility Study Report, Pilot report, Business case, Project Plan development, Execution of project plan, Post project review.  Allow dates for approval of the above.

Project cost

Briefs only require indicative budgets and can be under by 25% or over by 75%. Project plans must have ‘definitive’ budgets, ranging from under by 5% to over by 10%.  If an indication of budget has been given by the client list it here. Be sure to include labor, hardware, software, documentation, training etc

Project risks

Be sure to list the risks here. For example:  The project team is short of resources and if we do not make the deadline an entire department will be severely impacted.
For smaller projects just list the risks.
For larger projects rank the risks and rate their likelihood, impact and mitigation strategy to be adopted.

Project Resourcing

List the team members and their responsibilities (esp. who will be responsible for the Analysis stage next). Record the number of hours expected for each resource over the duration of the project to help senior management assess impact and resourcing requirements
Likely training requirements
Define the training required for the project team members to be able to complete the work.

Project Dependencies

List the projects that this project will be dependent on in order to be workable. Also list all projects that will be dependent on this one.


List any constraints that have been imposed by the client on the project
List work that will NOT be done because it is out of scope.
Eg. The solution must be compatible with Linux.
Must run the design past <XYZ> technology or <ABC> must be included in the pilot group.


List any assumptions that the project team is making in order to have a successful project E.g.
The client will be responsible for the installation and configuration of their own desktop operating systems.
That the departmental E-mail system upgrade that this project is dependent on will be completed before the project commencement date.

Supporting documents

Describe any templates in use and where they can be accessed.
Describe any records kept, where they should be stored, and how long they should be retained.
Describe any other documents which could assist in understanding or applying this procedure and where they can be access.

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