Friday 22 February 2019

Project readiness assessment template & Checklist Review

A project readiness assessment is a systematic analysis of a project. To evaluate pre-project review overall readiness to start a project. It may help to identify potential risks, issues, challenges that might arise during implementation phase of project activities.  Hence, most of the businesses are using the readiness assessment by used readiness assessment checklist to ensure the potential solutions for appropriate issues.

Why use the readiness assessment?

  • This assessment will help to identify what elements need to be put in place prior to commencing the strategic and operational planning processes. 
  • It will raise the overall awareness of the organization’s purpose, capacity and direction.
  • The assessment forms the introduction to the planning process by providing information about the current status of the organization. 
  • It provides a snapshot showing critical information on the standing of the organization at the commencement of the plan.
Readiness assessment checklist template

How to use this readiness assessment template?

The questionnaire will provide the facilitator with back ground information in regards to the organization and individuals involved. The questionnaires can be completed anonymously. The information should be collated and reviewed prior to the formal planning process.

The management team of the organization should work through the following Questionnaire.
Where a statement has two parts and you would answer “yes” to one part but not another, then go with the weaker response. So, for example, you may be able to answer “yes” your organization has a constitution, but not abide by it all the time. Your response then is “somewhat”.
Score your project or organization as follows on each statement:

0 = Yes
1 = Somewhat
2 = No

If your total is between 21 and 30, then your organization would benefit from undertaking key tasks prior to commencing the planning process, these tasks should be evident from the questionnaire answers and may relate to incorporation, establishing a board of management or setting up clear structures and communication pathways within the organization.

If your total is between 11 and 20, then your organization would benefit from putting in place some key structures/documents to address the organizations functionality and these would be ideal focal points during the strategic planning process.

If your total is between 0 and 10 then your organization is ready and appears to have the capacity to undertake and manage a strategic plan successfully.

Req. By
Sport and Recreation Organizations
ALL: State, Regional Local




What to include in readiness assessment checklist?

  • Have you a constitution guiding our organization
  • The business project is incorporated?
  • Have an efficient board/committee
  • Are affiliated with the relevant regional/state/national sporting organization
  • Have you observed all laws and regulations that apply to: (1) Employment of personnel (2) Operation of bars and food stalls (3) Incorporation (4) Fundraising (5) Selling of merchandise, products or services (6) Organizing public events (7) Operation and maintenance of facilities    Hold appropriate insurance cover for our activities
  • It has appropriate and effective financial controls
  • Have an organizational structure that makes sense and is efficient
  • Are there policies that guide our decision making
  • The position descriptions for all board/committee positions, paid positions and key volunteer roles
  • An appropriately qualified administrator, coaches and volunteers
  • Have, and adhere to, established occupational health and safety procedures in regards to facilities and equipment
  • your membership and management is sustainable and the organization is likely to exist in five years
  • The capacity and commitment to undertake the strategic planning process
  • Is a genuine desire to improve/clarify the strategic intent of our organization?

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