Friday 22 February 2019

Project Communications Strategy Template | Project management

A Project Communications Strategy Template helps set out the key communicate strategy about the team as well as identify the targets you want to establish communication to. mostly this template may use to plan how you require to promote your team. It also enables you to consider any issues and / or risks that may arise from the team's implementation and plan your communication accordingly. The template may be completing by team leaders or a project manager made up of team members.

Project Communications Strategy Template

How to use this Project Communications Strategy Template?

Background and introduction of the project

You can provide a summary details of a project, how the project aligns to the organization's priorities and any historical activates. If any study has been conducted include a brief of this study, in particular the key research findings and implications of this. Even, you should also describe the communication issues that this strategy seeks to address. In doing so you can define the communication scope of this strategy. In case require to explain what the strategy does not include and why it is.

Situation analysis

A situation analysis may include the SWOT analysis. IT may help to analyze the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats related with the project teams. Factors internal to an organization are generally classed as strengths and weaknesses, whereas external factors are classified as opportunities and threats.

Goals and objectives

This is very important part of the project communication strategy template. You can define your project's goals and objectives here. The template may include partnership objective that is team objectives and second is communication objectives. Usually you have to sure distinguish goals from your objectives, goals are usually board and discuss general intentions. However, objectives are more precise for your project.

Some examples of the different types of objectives include:
  • Awareness: e.g. To increase target audience’s awareness that the school is partnering with x organization.
  • Comprehension: e.g. To increase school community understanding of the partnership’s goals or services it will provide.
  • Conviction: e.g. To build the partnership’s reputation or share achievements.
  • Action: e.g. Parents and wider school community to provide feedback on partnership activity for planning or evaluation.
Set out the objectives you want to achieve through your communication strategy. Consider whether you have a different purpose behind each objective, such as raising awareness or understanding, building support for the partnership, or inviting action.

Target audiences

  • Details of who your communications require to reach.
  • Segment your audiences into different groups based on common features or demographics. Be sure to acknowledge both audiences and plan accordingly.
  • Additional communication requirements.

Key messages

Describe the list of the key information you want to deliver. Make the list of the massages that you require to apply consistently throughout your communication activity.


It is obvious that the budget is very important part of the project, even for communications. You have to describe the detail amount of the budget in this section. Actually, this section may help you understand what conditions and restrictions are associated with spending the budgets.

Risks and issues

Actually the risks and issues are important points that may potentially associated with any project. Hence, it is obvious that you have to include in the communication strategy to ensure the risks & issues can be treated with sufficient tools. You can describe details any issues that may negatively impact on the success of your communication process.


One of the important aspect for the communication planning and project success is implementation phase. You have to select the appropriate communication mediums to implement entire project or part of a project. Here you can describe the description, targets i.e. team members for communication, timing, cost of the communication and name of the person who is responsible. This is simply important to success of any project.


Whenever you define your system for a project, it is also important to evaluate each phase, aspect of the project or part of the project. Hence, evaluation of communication strategy is equality important for evaluation. Use the resources to evaluate the entire communication process through defining an objective, methods, units of measurements and simply structure that may help you to evaluate it.

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