Friday 22 February 2019

Project Turnover Report Template | Project Management

A project turnover report is a formal document describe the progress status about the factors and impacts that can slow or even halt a project.  Actually, these report outcomes can give clear indications of direction of path to achieve the goals and objective of a project or particular project part.

Project Turnover Report Template

Project Turnover Report Template

What to include in project turnover report template?

Project Description

The initialization of this entire section can be copied directly from the proposal and/or statement of work contained in the contract, or the Project Plan.   While developing this section, the project manager should resolve applicable assumptions made in previous documents, and include documentation of the resolution in this section.


This section includes a short description of the project.  The Description section of the Statement of Work included in the contract or in the Project Plan can be used here.

Goals and Expectations

This section defines the goal of the project in measurable terms, such as the schedule, budget, and so forth.


This section includes a description of the project business objectives that were agreed to with the business owner.


This section includes a statement of the project scope as was agreed to with the business owner.


This section includes a description of functions or activities that were specifically not included in the project.  This section is optional, but should be considered.

Turnover Timeline

Describe the timeline in which the work will be turned over to the business owner.

Client Meetings

Describe the meetings to take place to accomplish a smooth turnover.  Example:  the meeting to determine roles and responsibilities for turnover, final of team member meeting, and the final meeting with the business owner to turnover hardware operations, etc.


Describe the process to be followed to ensure all accounts are closed, all keys and badges are turned over, etc.


Describe the necessary training needs, if any, for transitioning the work effort.  Include a determination of whether the training is within the scope.  Determine if extra charges are appropriate for training.  Determine resources to conduct training and method of training.


Describe any costs the business owner will incur for this turnover effort, which are out of scope.


Describe the minimum contents of the Project File and its location, as archived material.  Example:  Signed contract/statement of work, signed Project Plan, signed Change Requests and Change Request Summary Log, Issue Resolution Log, signed Project Acceptance Certificate(s), signed turnover (including hardware, software, facilities) documentation from customer, etc.


Describe the activities to be conducted by management for reuse of employees.  Example: Update all employee resumes, conduct individual meeting with each to determine interests for future (travel, relocation, etc.), research severance packages, complete assignment/availability list, “advertise” availability throughout the company, as appropriate, complete letters of appreciation, conduct final AQA for assignment completion, etc.

Financial and Administrative Center

Describe the activities to take place between the Project Manager and the Business Owner Example:  Verify invoice status, perform project close activities in organization, etc.

Meeting Results

Describe the results of the meetings discussed in process.  Example:  business owner will supply two employees to accomplish verification activities.

Turnover Plan Acceptance

The signatures affixed below indicate that the undersigned……
  • Have read the Turnover Plan.
  • Have formally voiced any documented concerns, Appendix A.
  • Certify that the Turnover Plan accurately represents their expectations and conditions required for the project
  • Are unaware of any conditions that prevent this agreement from being followed
  • Agree that any changes to this document will follow the Change Request Process that has been set.

Sample Turnover Checklist

This is to be used as a sample only.  Actual items that would be included here are those activities/actions listed within this Turnover Plan.
  • Timeline: Determine timeline for turnover work effort
  • Resources: (1) Update all resumes. (2) Complete Assignment/Availability List (3) Conduct final of organization
  • Business Owner Meetings: (1) Schedule final of organization (2) Complete final of organization

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