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Project close out report template <> Project Management

A project close out report is a formal document and outcomes from the initiation, planning and executions. Actually, this document may helpful to learn lesson for upcoming project from outputs of a project. This document may cover description of the project management & its plans, Project objective, scope and execution steps, cost analysis, risk management, details of issues and solutions taken during a project steps.

Project close out report template

Project close out report template

How to prepare project close out report template?

Executive Summary

The close out Report is based on the successful completion of what or about what subject / Objective.
Describe about this fulfills CLIENT’S / Sponsors requirement to what subject or details.
The end result of this effort is a system that what things.
This report is divided into the following sections:
  • Business Problem and Project Objective
  • Acceptance Criteria
  • Acceptance Criteria vs. Completed System
  • Changes and/or Modifications
  • Change Management
  • Production Support
  • Open Issues
  • Connection
  • Future Enhancements
  • Acceptance
  • Summary
  • Appendices

The close out Report will provide a clear understanding that the project team delivered what was promised in the Systems Definition Report.

Business Problem and Project Objective

The delivered system satisfies the original Business Problem as presented in the Systems Definition Report:

Acceptance Criteria

Acceptance criteria are the specific results expected of the delivered system and include the business functions described in the final scope. The criteria were derived from the project objectives. Below are the Acceptance Criteria as they were defined in the Systems Definition report. Each criterion will be assessed against the final delivery in the next section.

Changes and/or Modifications

As with any project that actively uses a Production Prototyping environment, changes are expected to occur. Changes and modifications included:
Create the list your changes, why you made this changes, and what the change will do?.

Change Management

The above changes were added to ensure user satisfaction on the usability of SYSTEM and to ensure integrity of the underlying data. These changes added significant functionality to the project.
You might wish to explain why functionality was added by these changes.

Future Enhancements

During the course of the Design and Construction of any project, users’ vision constantly grows. Managing scope during fixed time projects requires that many of the users’ requested functions be deferred to a later phase. The following items are potential enhancements that have been identified: [Create your list]

Acceptance Signoff

The undersigned agree in principle that the completed system as of DATE satisfactorily meets the Acceptance Criteria stated in the Systems Definition Report dated when.


Results from projects managed in a time boxed environment are quality solutions delivered in a timely manner. What is not often seen from the outside in this environment is the amount of commitment from the business community, the intensity of the development effort, and the partnership that grows between the client and the project team.

The design, construction, and successful delivery of system reflects the accomplishments of all participants working as a single unit to achieve a common goal.

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