Friday 22 February 2019

Project team member evaluation form (Project Management Forms)

The project team member evaluation form used to appraisal of individual team member may be for replacement or encourage team members on results of this rating document. Usually the inputs can be depending on the performance with particular project or multiple projects. This evaluation process document is very important for increasing individual performance.

How to evaluate the points?

Simply the evaluation process is conducts with 1 to 5 rating scale. Where 1 is very poor, 2 is poor, 3 is average, 4 is better than average, and 5 is outstanding. If you feel unable to evaluate a particular attribute, select N/A or comment in it.

This performance evaluation can be individual or group / team. Hence, it is important for the project to conduct this process as and when require.

Project team member evaluation form

Project team member evaluation form


What to include in the project team member evaluation form?

  • You have to describe actual date or time, completes tasks on time. You also describe this tasks that you take late, or overtime taken for particular task.
  • Description of attends team meeting on time and stay until end.
  • You have to rate the positive contributions of the team member in the project, or particular part of a project. In case the team member associated with another project of the organization, you can also describe in it to rate it.
  • How much team member is technically, display technical competence? you can rate to target particular task or graphical presentations.
  • Rate the team member on, how the participant taken the task, how it completed and it was easy to work with?
  • This is very important points is how the team member works well under the pressure. This rating much appreciated for the team members for upcoming projects.
  • How member communicates well in written form, verbal, and speaking & listening communication.
  • Describe the details of the coordination of team member. Mean how much assists other team members when needed.
  • Is this project participant being good in demonstrates the problems, and solving skills?
  • Are customers being often communicate with this team member. Or Member is works well with customers?
  • Coaches less experienced individuals well
  • How quickly adopting the commands, learns quickly, and follows at the ground level?
  • Is the member works well by themselves?
  • How the member takes the initiatives?
  • Rate the individual reliability for the works
  • Evaluate the rating of the individual for produces high quality works.

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