Tuesday 1 January 2019

The difference in Leadership and management

Leadership and management is basically two different concepts, but the two terms are often used as if they have the same meaning. To discuss more about the difference of both, let's examine the definition regarding the leadership and management.

Leadership and management

Which is the leadership being the process by which an individual has an impact on others and inspire, giving spirit, motivate and direct their activities to help achieve the purpose of the group or organization. While the definition of Management is a series of activities (including planning and decision making, organizing, leadership and control) direct at the Organization's resources (manpower, financial physical and information), which aims to achieve the objectives of the Organization in a way that is efficient and effective.

From both these definitions, can be drawn the conclusion that the core difference between Leadership and management is how they motivate others or team in achieving the goal.


A leader who is running this leadership function set goals and new directions, and then motivate and influence members of his team to achieve the goals set. A leader must also review the development of the team and ensure that all team members are on the line it wants to achieve the goals set. The President is one good example in the role of leadership.

While a manager that runs management functions is task to plan, organize, direct and manage how his team reaching the goals set. They will be on duty to cope with any problems that arise in the team and decide on the best solution for him. For example, like a Football Manager who is manage how his team can reach the goal that is victory on any football games. A Football Manager is not a leader because they don't set goals. That goal setting is the owner or the Board of Directors of Football Clubs are concern.

The difference in Leadership and management base on its characteristics

The following are the key differences of the leadership and management base on its characteristics.

Leadership CharacteristicsThe Characteristics Of Management
People-oriented and strategicTactical and orient Organizations
Setting the direction and goalsPlanning and Coordinate Activities
Motivate and inspire peopleAdministrative and Maintain the continuity of the system
Forming PrinciplesFormulating The Principle
Team building and developing their TalentsAllocate and support human resources
Develop New OpportunitiesTroubleshooting
Promote innovation and new discoveriesEnsuring the suitability of standards and procedures
Empower and Nurture PeopleGovern and direct the person
Long-term PerspectiveSpecifies The Short Term

An understanding of the difference in Leadership and management is very important in an organization. Leadership and management should have walk in hand in hand. To be a good Manager require skills in leadership. As for being an effective Leader, the necessary management skills to achieve his vision.

The Essence of Leadership

Here's some essence rather than leadership:

Determination of Directions – setting the vision and Strategies for realizing that vision.

The juxtaposition of people – communicate the vision and strategy to the parties concern and affect him so form the team that aims to realize its vision and strategy.

Motivating – influence and embolden it to his team to be able to cooperate and encourage. Them to overcome all the problems that arise so that the Vision he set up can be achieve.

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