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Leadership Theory

A Leadership Theory is a management function to influence, direct, motivate and supervise others in order to perform the tasks that had been planned so that achieving the targets and goals of the organization. Leadership abilities or Leadership of a Manager will greatly affect the performance of the Organization, especially in terms of achievement of the objectives of its organization.

There are many management experts who formulate the definitions of Leadership or Leadership. One of which is the definition of Leadership. The leadership is proving where an individual has an impact on others and inspire, giving spirit, motivate and direct their activities to help achieved the purpose of groups or organizations.

Leadership is the ability to influence a group toward the achievement of business objectives. While the definition of Leadership. It is the ability to affect people that leads to the achievement of the objectives. The definition of some, very clearly said that leadership is a management function which closely dependencies with achievement of the objectives of the organization.

People who perform the function of leadership is usually refer to as "leader" or in English United Kingdom known as "Leader". The leader is an individual who able to affect the behavior of another person without having to rely on violence; the leader was receive by the individual person as leader.

To run the organization with optimum, a manager must have the nature of leadership. Basically the leadership and management are two different things, but both have also similarities and linkages that cannot be separated. to achieve the objectives of the Organization are plan, a manager that runs Management must be able to act as a leader as well.

Theories of leadership

In addition to the definitions concerning Leadership express by experts, there are also several theories of leadership (leadership) is the basis of leadership itself. The following are some of the theories of leadership in question.

Theory of Great People (Great Man Theory)

Great Man Theory or the theory of this great people assume that the nature of leadership and leadership talents is brought from the time the person was born. The Great Man Theory is develop Although it cannot be identify with scientific certainty about the characteristics and combinations of humans such as what can be said to be a great leader, but everyone acknowledges that only one person among those who have the characteristic as the leader of the great.

Great Man Theory States that the leader of the fabulous it is destine to be born leaders. The theory is also consider a great leader will appear when in the face of certain situations. The theory was popularize by Thomas Carlyle in his book entitle "On Heroes, Hero-Worship, and the Heroic in History".

The Theory of Personality Traits (Trait Theory)

The theory of personality traits or Trait Theory, it is believe that people who were born or train with particular personality will make them Excel in leadership roles. This means that certain personality qualities such as courage, intelligence, knowledge, skills, responsiveness, imagination, physical, creativity, sense of responsibility, discipline and other Value-Indigo can make someone be a good leader.

This leadership theory focuses on the analysis of the characteristics of the mental, physical and social to get more understanding of the characteristics and characteristic combinations are common among the leaders. The success of a person in leadership depends very much on the nature of his personality and not just talent but also source from comes from the experience and the results of his studies.

There are four main personality trait that became the deciding success or failure of a leader.

  • Stability and emotional: calm, confident and predictable especially when experiencing stress.

  • Admits Mistakes: Don't cover the mistakes that have been made but admit the error.

  • Good Interpersonal skills: able to communicate and convince others without using negative tactics and coercion.

  • Extensive knowledge (intellectual property): able to understand different areas rather than just understanding certain fields or certain knowledge only.

Behavior Theory

As a reaction from the theory of the nature of personality. Theories of behavior Theories it gives a new perspective on leadership. This theory focuses on the behavior of the leaders rather than the characteristics of the mental, physical and social. The success of a leader define by his behavior in performing leadership functions. The behavior can be study or train.

This theory of Behavior contrary to the Great Man Theory (theory of great people). Who said a leader is taken from birth and cannot be study. This Behavior theory considers that successful leadership is base on behavior. That can be learn and not only from innate from birth.

Contingency Theory

The theory of Contingency or Contingency Theory assumes that there is no way the best. To lead and declare that any leadership style should be base on the specific situation and conditions.

Contingency Theory base on this, one may be able to successfully perform. Even and lead very effectively in the conditions, circumstances and specific places. But his leadership performance will decrease if transfer to another condition and situation. When the factors in the surroundings have change. The theory of Contingency or Contingency Theory is also often call the theory of Situational.

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