Tuesday 1 January 2019

Organizational culture theory

The theory of organizational culture consists of the two words "culture" and "the Organization", to be more clear about the meaning of the culture of this organization, we should know what is meant by the second those words. Here is a bit of a discussion about "Cultural" and "organization".

Understanding The Organization

The organization is a collection of two or more persons who cooperate are structure to achieve objectives. The term "organization" in the language of the United Kingdom called the "Organization" is basically derive from the word "Organ on Greece". In the language of Greece, Organ on has meaning as a group of people who work together. To achieve a common goal. An organization compose of individuals who have different specialties, educational qualifications and work experience are different but equally working towards a common goal.

According to Stephen p. Robbin, organizations are social Entities coordinate consciously, with a limitation of the relatively identifiable, which works on the basis of a relatively continuous for a common purpose or set of purposes.

In an organization or company, human resources or employee is its main assets and contribute effectively in its success. An organization surely will not last long if the employees are not serious in their work and consider the work performed by him is a very heavy burden for him.

Employees who work in an organization or company should be able to enjoy whatever they are doing so that they can provide the best for the organization. Your organization or company is in need of a loyal employees and strive to achieve the purpose of the organization.

Basic of Culture

Attitude, character and behavior patterns that govern how a person to interact with other people call culture. Culture is something that is pass down from one generation. To the other and help distinguish one individual with other individuals. The word "culture" in this is derive from the Sanskrit that is Buddhiya (plural of the word Buddha) meaning are things associate with and human reason. While the "culture" in the United Kingdom call the "language of Culture" which essentially comes from the i.e. processing or working on. Culture is the result of the work of human inventiveness that produce and has been use as a part of the everyday life.

Understanding Organizational Culture

Every human being has a certain personality that sets it apart with the other and none among. Them who behave the same. Likewise, with the organizations, each organization has the values, policies, regulations, systems, philosophies and certain guidelines. That differentiate it from other organizations and create the image or image individually.

According to Robbins, organizational culture is a system of share by members of the organization which distinguish with the other. Defines that the organizational culture is a system of values, beliefs and customs of an organization. In interacting with the structure of his formal system to produce behavioral norms of the organization.

An organizational culture is a habit. That has last a long time and is use and apply in the life of a work activity. As one catalyst for improving the quality of work of employees and the Manager of the company. Organizational culture is often nickname "the culture of the Organization".

Organizational culture refers to the beliefs and principles of the organization. That has a deep impact against employees and the relationship between employees with management or with other employees. Every organization has a unique culture which differentiate it from any other organization. So it is important for employees to understand and align himself with the place where the employee is working.

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