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Management strategy | Stages | Models

A strategic management is the management of an organization's resources in order to achieve its goals and objectives. The strategic management is a continuous process that evaluates and controls the business and the industries in which an organization is involve. Evaluates its competitors and sets goals and strategies to meet all existing and potential competitors.

The stages in the management of the strategy

Strategy management process consists of three stages: formulation of strategies, implementation strategies, and evaluation strategies.

The formulation of the strategy includes developing a vision and mission, identifying opportunities and threats are external companies, determine the internal strengths and weaknesses, setting long term goals, formulate alternative strategies, and select specific strategies to be implemented.

Implementation of the strategy requires the company to establish an annual goal, makes policy, motivating employees, and allocate resources so that a strategy has been formulated can be run. Implementation strategies include developing a culture of support strategies, and create an effective organizational structure and direct marketing efforts, budgeting, developing and empowering information system, and linking performance employees with organizational performance.

The evaluation strategy is the final stage in strategic management. Managers are eager to find out when the strategy cannot run as expected; the evaluation strategy is the main tool to obtain this information.
Where all the strategy can be modified in the future because of internal and external factors are constantly changing.

Model management strategy

in General is describe in a model of management strategy of Fred r. David described as follows:

Vision and mission

vision owned by a company is one of the goals of the State in the dating of the desired to manifest about the State in the dating of the desired to manifest by the entire personnel of the company, starting from the topmost level up the lowest, even the posts though. Next is the mission. The mission is the elaboration in writing of vision so that the vision becomes easy to understand or clear to the entire staff of the company.

Analysis of the external and Internal environment

the realization of the company's mission is going to be hard to do if the company does not interact with the external environment. Therefore, actions to find out and analyze its external environment become very important because in fact the external environmental conditions are beyond the control of the organization.

In addition to understanding the external environmental conditions environmental conditions, understanding of internal corporate wide and deep also needs to be done. Therefore, the strategy needs to be consistent and realistic in nature in accordance with the situation and condition.

Based on this understanding of the internal environment, let the weaknesses and strengths of the company-owned as well. Besides knowing the strengths and weaknesses, the company needs to observe the existing opportunities and make use of them so that companies have a competitive advantage. Keep in mind that when opportunities were squandered, can only become a threat to the chances of turning around the company. Logically because opportunities were squandered last exploited by competitors.

Analysis Options strategy

basically every company, in running its business, has a strategy. However, the leadership of companies sometimes do not know or are not aware of it. The form of the strategy varies between industries, between companies, and even the airport situation. However, a number of strategies are already well known, where these strategies can be applied to various forms of industry and company size.

These strategies are classify as generic strategy. From an assortment of strategies in this generic strategy group will choose one or a combination of several strategies of parent (grand strategy) using certain ways.

Long-term Target

achievement of the objectives of the company's efforts is a continuous process that requires the phasing. To determine whether a stage already reach or have not need a benchmark, such as the period and the results to be achieve are clearly formulate, namely with quantitative figures. The making of the long term goals of the strategy refers to the parent that has been set before.

Functional Strategy

An important step implementation strategy the parent perform. With break it down into various short-term objectives. For example in the annual period, on an ongoing basis by observing the scale of priorities and measurable. This short term objective should refer to the strategy of operational nature.

Functional Strategies are more operational nature leads to various areas in the company. To clarify the functional relationship of meaning the main strategy with identification details specific nature. This became a guiding functional strategies in conducting. The various activities to be consistent with a strategy not only main but also with other functional areas of the strategy. In the company's accounting for its organization, its main functional areas are finance, human resources, production and operations, as well as the field of marketing.

Program, implementation, control and Evaluation

So that the target can be achieve that would like to work with a predetermine strategy. The strategies need to be follow up by implementation (action).

The effectiveness is not effective when it is not proceed by planning. Good planning at least contains principles to achieve goals, realistic and reasonable, efficient. As well as a reflection of the company's strategy and policy.

Planning still in global form should be complete in the form of more detail. For example, in the form of programs of work, if the work program has been prepare following the resources need. Then the implementation work can already begin. Control or surveillance is intend to better. To ensure that, all the activities are organize by the company should be base on the plan. That has been agree upon, so that the target is not distort. Or out of the limits of tolerance.

If the results of the evaluation of the work of the mind. That there is a factor that led to deviations from the plan of work. Indeed cause incorrect assumptions or by other things which is uncontrollable, then restart.

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