Tuesday 1 January 2019

journal of human resources

This study focuses on a review of the influence of transformational and transactional leadership behaviors against the performance of front-line employees at service companies. Research indicates that the alleged behavior of the leadership transformation affects positively the performance of front-line employees and the reverse transformation leadership behavior negatively affecting front-line employees.

The allegations laid out in this research tested in empiric 204 against the respondent which was a front-line employee and 204 respondents who is a customer of three types of service companies. The results of this study show that in general the kind of transformational leadership is a positive effect on the performance of front-line employees at service companies and types of transactional leadership a negative effect.

However, some of the behaviors on the kind of transformational leadership affect the performance of front-line service employees negatively. Which means rejecting the hypothesis of the study. Similarly, because of the type of return for behavior constitute transactional leadership affects positively against specific performance from front-line employees.

The background

The development of the service industry is very rapidly led to the competition being very sharp service business. Both domestic (national) market and in the international/global market. To win the competition, companies must be able to give satisfaction. To its customers, i.e. by producing quality service in accordance with customer expectations.

Customer satisfaction is affected by four factors, namely the quality of the service. The interest factor, factor in the situation and personal factors. Of the fourth such factors, factor service quality is one important factor. Due to the consumer service, their main hope is to get a good quality service.

How to improve the quality of service is to understand and treat front-line employees appropriately?. Employees who have contact with customers.

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